Any Driver Car Insurance 

Any Driver insurance used to be common many years ago, but now much less so and probably more suitable for small businesses. With an any driver car insurance policy, anyone will be insured to drive your car so long as they have your permission. However, this type of insurance isn’t suitable for everyone, can be expensive and not all insurance companies offer this level of cover.

So, is any driver car insurance right for you? Find out more about comprehensive cover, who can drive your car, and the benefits of adding drivers to your policy.

What is Any Driver Car Insurance?

With a standard car insurance policy, only you are insured to drive your car. Your insurer will calculate your premium based on your personal circumstances as a driver – how long you’ve been driving, whether you’ve ever made any claims, and so on.

If you plan on sharing your car with someone, you can add named drivers to your insurance policy. Usually it’s partners who share a car that choose this option, or parents who want to let their children drive their car from time to time. But under this arrangement, only you and the other named drivers are insured to drive your car.

But some insurers offer an ‘any driver’ car insurance policy, as the name suggests, this allows any driver to be insured to drive your car, so long as they have your permission and a driving licence.

Why Get Any Driver Car Insurance – Benefits of Adding Drivers to Your Policy

Any driver car insurance is only really a necessary choice if you want to use your car for certain commercial purposes:

Small Business Any Driver Insurance

If you’re running a small business of any kind, you can save money on fleet costs by getting a single car with an any driver car insurance policy rather than multiple cars with multiple policies. An any driver car insurance policy will also come in handy if your business has a high staff turnover. You can use the same policy for all staff, rather than getting a new policy for each new hire.

Restaurants and Takeaway Driver Insurance

Fast food businesses often run on shift patterns. Again, it would be too expensive for most fast food takeaways to get a separate car insurance policy for every member of staff, especially given that most employees probably won’t be working full time anyway. But with an any driver car insurance policy, whoever’s on shift can be insured to make deliveries.

Driving Instructor Insurance

With an any driver car insurance policy, driving instructors can take their pupils out without having to make separate insurance arrangements for every new driver they train.

How Much is Any Driver Car Insurance?

Any driver car insurance can help certain types of businesses save money on fleet costs. But that said, any driver car insurance policy will always cost significantly more than a standard car insurance policy, or a policy with a small handful of named drivers.

Why? Because of the increased risk. If any driver can drive your car, then your insurer will have no way of knowing who’s behind your wheel at any given point. Any driver car insurance means that inexperienced drivers might drive your car, or drivers with a history of accidents or convictions. So no matter how careful you are as a driver, as far as insurers are concerned, any driver car insurance makes it more likely that your car will be involved in an accident.

So depending on your circumstances, it might prove cheaper to simply add named drivers to your policy, even if it means a lot more paperwork!

Comprehensive Cover Rules on Who Can Drive a Car

Our comprehensive car insurance policies extend to the policy holder and to any other named drivers.

You can also get an extension to your policy that will allow you to drive other cars, so long as you have the owner’s permission. However, there are some restrictions to the cover here.

If you want to let another driver drive your car, check their car insurance policy wording too. Their policy might cover them to drive other vehicles, but in the event of an accident, it might only cover damages to other vehicles, and not to your own. For more information, please check the policy wording.

What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

In the event of an accident, comprehensive insurance offers full cover for any damages and injuries, both for your car and other cars.

Our comprehensive car insurance policies also includes personal accident cover, windscreen cover, uninsured driver cover, and more. You can also add RAC breakdown cover to your policy.

For full details on what comprehensive insurance covers, and what it does not cover, please check our guide here.


Legal Cover up to £1000
Travel Abroad
Audio Equipment Cover
Child car seat
Personal Belongings Cover up to £100
Personal Accident Cover up to £5000
Stolen Car Replacement*
Windscreen Cover
Free Courtesy Car
£200 Handbag Cover
*Based on new car replacement only, subject to T's and C's
  • 24/7 CLAIMS LINE
  • *after 1 year
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