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How to get cheaper Car Insurance for First Time Drivers

First time drivers don’t have the same levels of confidence as more experienced drivers. So many accidents involve drivers who have been driving for less than a year. This is why first time drivers are considered high risk drivers, and why the least experienced of drivers tend to pay the highest car insurance.

If you’ve been driving for a while, you can build up a No Claims Discount. This is where you’re rewarded for careful driving with lower premiums. But of course, first time drivers haven’t had time to build up a No Claims Discount.

Luckily, even if you’re a first time driver, you can find out how to get cheaper car insurance.

Volunteer To Pay More Excess To Reduce Insurance

Pay less by paying more? It sounds odd, and it’s a little risky, but hear us out.

Excess is the amount you pay if you have to make a claim on your car insurance. The amount you pay is determined by a number of factors, including the car you’re driving, the value of the vehicle and your age.

If you’re aged between 17 and 24, you’ll have to pay a young driver excess on top of the standard excess. Life’s tough for young drivers!

However, if you pay a higher voluntary excess as well as the compulsory excess you’re quoted, you might look forward to a reduced premium.

Like we said, though, this is risky. Never volunteer to pay more than you’d be able to pay in the event of an accident!

Choose Your First Car Carefully

Not all cars cost the same to insure. Every car belongs to one of 99 car insurance groups. Generally speaking, faster and more expensive cars cost more to insure than other cars, simply because they cost more to repair and replace in the event of incidents.

So if you’re a first time driver and you want cheaper car insurance, choose a car from groups one to five.

And once you’ve got your car, avoid modifications like spoilers and body kits. These cost a lot to repair and replace, so they invariably lead to more expensive car insurance. But if you can, go all out on optional security features, like immobilisers and alarms.

You may also be able to get cheaper car insurance if you can park your car somewhere secure overnight, like a garage or a driveway. If this isn’t possible, try and park your car outside your house and in a well-lit area.

Getting a Little Extra Training Can Make Insurance Cheaper

Have you heard of the Government’s Pass Plus scheme? It’s a short course of additional lessons you can take after you pass your driving test. A few more sessions with a driving instructor could do wonders for your confidence as a first time driver, and you’ll also get the opportunity to practice driving in a series of conditions that you might not have experienced during your original run of lessons.

There’s no formal test to worry about, but if you reach the required standard in all modules, you could look forward to cheaper car insurance.

Choose the Right Kind of Car Insurance For You

You might have heard about pay as you go car insurance, which can really help first time drivers reduce their car insurance. It’s sometimes known as telematics car insurance, because it involves placing a small black box in your car that collects data on your behaviour as a driver. This information is sent to your car insurance provider, who use it to calculate how much insurance you pay on a month-by-month basis.

In theory, the safer you drive, the less you pay. And in some cases, pay as you go car insurance really can significantly reduce the amount you pay. The problem is that, in many other cases, pay as you go insurance can actually end up costing more than standard insurance.

Why? The most obvious reason is the fact that first time drivers really are statistically more likely to get involved in an accident. Telematics car insurance is designed to reward safe drivers. But what if you’re not as safe behind the wheel as you think you are?

But beyond that, that little black box in your car doesn’t just monitor your behaviour as a driver. It also keeps tabs on the time of day you drive, the length of your journeys, and the sorts of roads you use. Those who mainly make short journeys on safe urban roads by day will pay the least. But if you live in the country, or if your work requires you to make long commutes or to drive by night, telematics insurance could end up costing you more than you expect.

As a first time driver, you’re much better off going with a comprehensive car insurance policy that you can depend on.

Go For an Insurer that Understands Your Needs as a First Time Driver

At Go-Girl, we specialise in giving first time drivers like you the car insurance cover you need at a price you can afford.

Get your insurance from us and you’ll immediately start working towards that no claims discount. We also offer first time drivers up to £100 personal belongings cover and up to £200 handbag cover.

And if you are involved in an incident, our comprehensive policy will give you a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs.

Get a quote for new driver insurance and buy online in minutes.

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