Everybody wants cheaper car insurance. But there are some drivers for whom the idea of reducing car insurance is particularly attractive.

We’re talking about young drivers and new drivers. These are people who often have less money to spare than other more experienced drivers. But because as a group they’re more likely than most to be involved in road accidents, they’re often faced with paying higher insurance premiums.

So how can you get the cheapest car insurance if you’re considered a high risk driver? There’s actually a few things you can do!

Make Sure You Actually Get Cheaper Car Insurance

We’re often told that one way to get cheaper car insurance could be by foregoing a traditional insurance policy and instead going for a telematics insurance policy.

It’s sometimes known as a “pay as you go” insurance policy. It involves fitting a small black box to your car that’ll monitor your driving habits, and collect data on where and when most of your driving takes place.

The black box sends your driving data to your insurance provider, who’ll use the information to calculate your insurance premium. So rather than basing your premium on your age and other factors, it will instead be based on your actual driving habits. In theory, the safer you drive, the less you’ll pay.

Sounds good? Not so fast! While telematics car insurance can certainly help you to get cheaper car insurance, it’s definitely not for everyone. Quite a few factors can result in you paying more for telematics car insurance than you would’ve done with a more traditional policy.

The most obvious thing to consider: What if you’re not as safe and considerate a driver as you think you are? The black box will record every single mistake you make, which might have a serious impact on your premium.

Also, the black box doesn’t just monitor your behaviour as a driver. It also monitors where and when most of your driving takes place. These sort of policies heavily favour drivers who make mainly short journeys on safe roads during the day. So if you do most of your driving at night, or if you often travel down unsafe country roads, or even if you regularly travel long distances, it’s unlikely that you’ll make many savings with black box car insurance.

Because it’s so variable, we don’t offer telematics car insurance at Go Girl. We’re committed to driving down the cost of car insurance, and telematics don’t always help. We want the best for all of our customers.

So how else can you get cheaper car insurance?

How Else To Reduce Car Insurance

No Claims Discount from Your First Year

The best way to reduce car insurance is to build up a No Claims Discount. The sooner you take out your own car insurance as a young driver, the sooner you’ll start to see the benefits of a No Claims Discount. But of course, this can take time, and you’re looking to reduce your premiums now. So what else can you do?

Pass Plus Scheme

The Government’s Pass Plus scheme can help you to reduce your car insurance. This is an additional driving course you can take after you pass your driving test. It will give you that little bit more practice at driving with an instructor in a variety of conditions that you may not have experienced during your lessons. There’s no formal test. Instead, you’re assessed throughout the course, so you’re almost guaranteed to reach the required standard in all modules.

Drivers who take the Pass Plus course are invariably more confident and less likely to be involved in accidents. As a result, they can often look forward to cheaper car insurance. Now, you might think that, having worked endlessly to get your driving licence, the last thing you want is yet more lessons. But if the end result is reduced car insurance premiums, surely the effort’s worth it?

Choose an Insurance-Friendly Car

Finally, the car you drive can affect your premiums. Some cars cost more to insure as they’ll cost more to repair in the event of a claim. So if you want to reduce your car insurance, take care in the sort of car you choose to drive. Don’t go for anything too fast or too flashy. Go for something safe, reliable, and affordable, like a small hatchback or a city car.

For Cheaper Car Insurance, Choose the Right Insurance Provider

At Go Girl, we’re committed to driving down the cost of car insurance. We offer competitive cover for drivers of all ages with a range of fantastic extras, including personal belongings cover and optional RAC breakdown cover.

As soon as you get your own policy you’ll start building your no claims discount. That’s why we offer the optional extra for you to protect it after just one claim-free year.

If you want cheaper car insurance, give us a call. Get a quote for young driver insurance and buy online in minutes.