Low Mileage Car Insurance

Low Mileage Car Insurance

Do you need car insurance for a second car, one that you don’t drive as often as your main car? Or perhaps your circumstances have changed you’re not driving as much as you used to? In any case, low mileage car insurance will help you get all the cover you need at a fair price.

What is Low Mileage Car Insurance?

Low mileage car insurance is for anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t drive as often as other drivers. Perhaps your circumstances have changed. Maybe you used to commute to and from work five days a week, but now you walk or cycle to work, or you may be working from home. Or perhaps you own more than one car.

You might have your main car, which you use for commuting, shopping, or other types of everyday driving. But then you might have a bigger car that you only use for family holidays, or an off-road car that you only use for highly specific practical purposes. You might even own a classic car that you only drive to and from shows and meets several times a year.

However you use your car, when buying your car insurance policy make sure that you state your estimated mileage accurately. And if you are renewing your policy you should advise your insurer if you anticipate that your mileage will be lower or higher in the future. Your mileage is one of the rating factors that insurance companies use so the amount of mileage the vehicle does may affect your premium.

How Does Low Mileage Car Insurance Work?

According to the Department of Transport, the average UK driver has an annual mileage that’s somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 miles a year. When you apply for car insurance from Go Girl, we’ll ask you to estimate your mileage. It’s important here to be as accurate as possible.

If you’ve been driving for a while, check some of your recent MOT certificates. Each certificate will state your car’s current mileage at the time of the test, and this should help you to work out your average annual mileage.

But if you’re a new driver, or if your circumstances have recently changed, then you might find it a little more difficult to estimate your  annual mileage. Consider the length of the journeys you make regularly and think about how often you make them. And don’t forget to factor in trips to see distant relatives and friends, occasional day trips, and other excursions that might ramp up your annual mileage.

The main thing is to try and be as accurate as you can when calculating your annual mileage. And if your annual mileage is low enough, then you may qualify for low mileage car insurance.

What’s Covered by Low Mileage Car Insurance?

At Go Girl, your low mileage car insurance covers you for everything that’s included in a standard comprehensive car insurance policy. Simply complete your quote as normal entering your estimated mileage when asked. You can also enter your low mileage if you choose third party, or third party, fire & theft car insurance. The only difference is that your premium will be calculated to reflect your specific needs including your lower mileage.

For more information about what’s covered by low mileage car insurance, please check the policy wording.

The Benefits of Low Mileage Car Insurance

Your car insurance policy should reflect your specific needs as a driver. There’s no point in paying for cover that you’ll never use. There’s no point paying for a policy that doesn’t apply to you.

Low mileage car insurance takes your specific needs into consideration. We’ll acknowledge that the vehicle isn’t used as much as many other customers would do, for example, we would allow a mileage discount even if commuting or business use was required.  And your car insurance premium will reflect this as well as taking into account many other rating factors.

So low mileage car insurance is a fair deal. Your premium will reflect the mileage you declare.

What Happens if you Go Over Your Estimated Mileage?

It is vital that you are as accurate as possible when calculating your average annual mileage and declaring this with your insurance company when you buy your insurance. Don’t be tempted to underestimate your annual mileage, as this could ultimately invalidate your insurance if you are found to be driving a lot more miles than you stated.

Low Mileage Car Insurance – Cover at a Price You Can Afford

At Go Girl, we specialise in providing car insurance cover that truly meets your needs as a driver, whether that is: fully comprehensive; third party, fire and theft; or third party only. So if you need cover for a secondary car, or if you don’t drive as much as you used to, our low mileage car insurance will give you comprehensive cover at a fair price.

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