If you are a young driver with a modified car you need to ensure that your car insurance covers you for those modifications. 

What is Modified Car Insurance?

Certain modifications can make cars more attractive to thieves. Others might make it more likely that you’ll be involved in an accident, as they can increase your car’s handling, suspension or speed. In any case, because most modifications are expensive, if your modified car is stolen or damaged, it might cost a lot for repairs and replacements.

Modified car insurance policies take all of these factors into account, giving you the cover you need at a price you can afford.

On top of this, at Go Girl we specialise in modified car insurance for young drivers. Modified cars can cost more to repair or replace, and due to their inexperience, young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. That’s why you need comprehensive cover from an insurer that understands your needs as both a young driver and a driver of a modified car.

How Does Modified Car Insurance Work?

Modified car insurance works just like regular car insurance. You pay a premium for your policy, and we’ll then cover you if your car’s damaged or stolen.

Different types of modifications will affect the price of your policy, though certain modifications won’t make any difference to the amount you pay. Your premium will also depend on the level of cover you require.

What Car Modifications Affect Insurance?

Generally speaking, any modification that affects your car’s performance will affect the price of your premium. For example, if you modify your car to boost your speed or acceleration, it might make you more likely to be involved in an accident, and your car will certainly cost more to repair. As a result, you’ll pay a higher insurance premium, to cover the greater risk.

Cosmetic Modifications

Most cosmetic modifications will also affect the price of your insurance, as they might reduce your visibility, or make your car more appealing to thieves. Some of the cosmetic modifications that can affect your premiums include:

  • Specialised paint work
  • Bonnet bulges and flared wings
  • Specialised or modified panels

Mechanical Modifications

However, it’s usually mechanical modifications that can affect your insurance more significantly. Here’s the sort of modifications that tend to have the most dramatic effect on premiums:

  • Turbocharged engines
  • Changes to transmission or gears
  • Complete bodykit and panel modifications
  • Roll bars, roll cages etc.
  • Uprated brakes

What’s Covered by Modified Car Insurance?

Your modified car insurance policy offers the same essential cover as a standard insurance policy.

You can choose from three levels of cover:

  • Third Party Only – If you’re involved in an accident, you’ll be responsible for covering your own costs. But we’ll cover the cost of any repairs for anyone else involved in the accident.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft – You get the same level of cover as you would with a third party policy. But we’ll also cover you for fire or theft. If you drive a modified car, this should be the lowest level of cover you consider. As thieves are more likely to target modified cars, you should get insurance that covers you for the possibility of theft.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – The highest level of cover you can choose. You’ll get all the cover you’d get with a third party fire & theft policy, but we’ll also cover you for any repairs your car might need in the event of an accident. If you plan on significantly modifying your car, you should also plan to get the highest level of insurance possible, to cover you for all possibilities!

As different types of modifications will affect your insurance in different ways, we ask that you notify us of any existing modifications you’ve got for your car. We also ask that you let us know about any new modifications.

For more information, please check the policy wording.

Tips for the Cheapest Modified Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Unfortunately, modified cars will always cost more to insure than non-modified cars. And young drivers will always have to pay more for their insurance than more experienced drivers. Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to bring down the cost of your modified car insurance:

  • Park your car in a well-lit area, or ideally in a secure parking garage, to reduce the risk of theft.
  • Join a modified car club – this could demonstrate that you’re more likely to take care of your car, and less likely to take risks on the road.
  • Consider buying and using a dashcam
  • Build up a no claims discount to receive long-term savings on your car insurance.

Get your insurance from a provider that understands your unique needs as both a young driver and a modified car driver. At Go Girl, we know that all modifications are different, and all drivers are different.

Travel Abroad
Audio Equipment Cover
Child car seat
Personal Belongings Cover up to £100
Personal Accident Cover up to £5000
Stolen Car Replacement*
Windscreen Cover
Free Courtesy Car
£200 Handbag Cover
*Based on new car replacement only, subject to T's and C's
  • 24/7 CLAIMS LINE
  • *after 1 year
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