Named Driver Insurance

Named Driver Insurance

If you are going to be driving someone else’s car or wish to borrow someone’s car then you can be added to their insurance policy as a named driver, sometimes referred to as an ‘additional driver’. This will give you the same benefits as the car’s owner when driving their car.

Who can be added as a named driver?

Most people can be added a named driver. This could be your spouse, son, daughter, friend or another family member. You may want to be added to your partner’s insurance and vice versa so that you can both drive each other’s cars.

If you have a son or daughter learning to drive or if they have just passed their test, you may wish to add them as a named driver to your policy.

Adding your child to your car insurance

A parent may be the main driver of their car with their son or daughter using it occasionally. In this instance the son or daughter should be added a Named Driver on the parent’s insurance.

Can I build up a no claim discount as a named young driver?

Most insurance companies do not allow you to earn a no claim discount if you are a named driver. However, if you own a car and buy a young drivers car insurance policy as the policyholder, then you can start to build up your no claim discount.

Does adding a named driver to my policy affect my no claim discount?

Your no claim discount will only be affected in the event of an accident. If a named driver on your policy is involved in an accident and you make a claim, you as the policyholder are at risk of your no claim discount being impacted.

Named driver and main driver: What’s the difference?

The policyholder is the person who has entered into a contract of insurance with Go Girl. The main driver is the person who will do most of the driving and this may not necessarily be the policyholder. A named driver will be a person who is permitted to drive the vehicle on cover. 

What am I covered for as a named driver?

Whilst the majority of cover for a named driver will be the same as it is for the policyholder, it is important that the insurance documents i.e. the policy wording, schedule and certificate of insurance are checked when a named driver is using the vehicle. There will be certain policy extensions and benefits that are only applied to the policyholder. For example, the permitted use of the vehicle may differ for a named driver when compared to the policyholder. The named driver will not be granted a driving other cars extension this means that you are not insured to drive another person’s car even with their permission.


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