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How to get cheaper Car Insurance for New Drivers

New drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than most. So if you’ve just passed your driving test, you’re considered a high risk driver, and the price you pay is higher car insurance premiums.

But there is a way to get cheaper car insurance, even for new drivers.

When you’re an inexperienced driver, you’re probably going to be a little nervous on the road. This is completely normal and completely understandable. It’ll take a while for you to build up the confidence and the instincts that more experienced drivers take for granted. But if you can provide solid evidence that you’re a safe driver despite your relative lack of experience, then you might look forward to cheaper car insurance.

So how can you prove that you’re a safer driver than most in your position? In a number of ways!

Get Cheaper Car Insurance With A No Claims Discount

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re not involved in any accidents, then you won’t have to make any claims on your car insurance. And if you don’t make any claims on your insurance, then by definition you’re a safer driver than many. If you’ve proven that you’re a safe pair of hands behind the wheel, why should you have to pay so much for your car insurance?

This is why many insurers offer no claims discounts. The sooner you take out your own car insurance as a new driver, the sooner you can start working towards this No Claims Discount.

If you take out your new driver car insurance with Go Girl, we’ll let you protect your no claims discount after just one claim-free year. So if your first year as a driver passes without incident, you’ll be able to start paying lower premiums immediately. Get a quote for new driver insurance and buy online in minutes, and you can start working towards that no claims discount in no time at all.

Choose an Insurance-Friendly Car and Treat It Well

Of course, the promise of a no claims discount in the near future might not do you much good if you’re looking for cheaper car insurance now. So what else can you do to drive down the cost of your premium?

Easy – some cars cost more to insure than others, so for your first car, simply choose one that doesn’t cost so much to insure!

What sort of cars cost more to insure? In short, fancy cars. The more your car would cost to repair in the event of an incident, the more you’ll have to pay to insure it. This goes for older cars too – it’s true that they don’t make them like they used to, but that can entail costly repairs, lower safety ratings, and higher insurance premiums.

So when choosing your first car as a new driver, choose something that’s safe, reliable, and affordable. Go for something with excellent safety ratings that you won’t have any trouble handling. As a rule of thumb, city cars and small hatchbacks generally cost less to insure than most other types of car.

Another thing that can help you to pay cheaper car insurance: Make it less likely that your car will be targeted by opportunistic criminals. Park on a driveway off the street if you can. But if not, it’ll help if you’re able to park your car right outside your home, in a well-lit area where you’ll be able to keep an eye on it.

Take The Government’s Pass Plus Scheme For New Drivers

You’ve just spent months, or perhaps even years, working towards your driving licence. You’ve taken dozens of lessons, you’ve learned the theory inside-out, and your driving test was a total headache, but at least you passed! It’s likely that the last thing you want to do now is take even more driving lessons. But hear us out!

The Government’s Pass Plus scheme is an additional driving course for new drivers who have just passed their driving test. If you’re still a little nervous behind the wheel, this short course will give you a bit of extra practice driving with an instructor. You’ll also get to drive in a number of conditions that you may not have experienced during your lessons.

There’s no formal test to worry about, but if you reach the required standard in all modules – and most drivers do – then you may look forward to cheaper car insurance.

It just sends the right message. Take the Pass Plus scheme and you’ve demonstrated that you’re a sensible, committed driver. More than that, you’ll already be more experienced and more confident than the vast majority of new drivers out there. You may be viewed as a lower risk driver, which can really help to keep the cost of your insurance down.

Take Out Insurance From A Company That Understands New Drivers

At Go Girl, we specialise in giving new drivers like you the car insurance cover you need at a price you can afford.

Go with Go Girl and you’ll immediately start working towards that no claims discount. We also offer new drivers up to £100 personal belongings cover and up to £200 handbag cover.

And if you are involved in an incident, our comprehensive policy will give you a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs. No need to worry about missing work or cancelling plans!

Get a quote for new driver insurance and buy online in minutes.

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