Provisional Driver Insurance

Provisional Driver Insurance

Provisional insurance will give you the essential car insurance cover you need while you learn to drive. This means you’ll be able to practice driving outside of your lessons, which will give you the experience and the confidence you need to pass your test first time.

If you are learning to drive or have a provisional licence, find out how provisional insurance works, what’s covered, and how you can convert it to full insurance.

What is Provisional Licence Insurance?

It’s illegal to drive without car insurance. Even when you’re learning to drive, you need insurance.

If you’re driving with an instructor, they will take care of insurance for your structured driving lessons if you are learning in your instructor’s car.

If you are learning in your own or someone else’s car, like a member of family or a friend, then you need to ensure you have the correct car insurance in place. And if you really want to build up your confidence behind the wheel and improve your chances of passing your test first time, you should get some additional practice outside of your lessons.

At Go Girl, we specialise in affordable car insurance for provisional drivers. We understand your unique needs as a learner driver, so we can give you the cover you need at a reasonable price.

How Does Provisional Insurance Work?

Provisional insurance will cover you for all the driving you’ll do before you take your test and get your full driving licence.

Provisional insurance mainly covers you for the driving you do outside of your lessons. Building up extra experience in the car with a friend or family member will really help you prepare for your driving test. The more practice you put in, the more confident and competent you’ll get, and the more likely you’ll be to pass your driving test. However, there are some strict requirements that need to be met by the person supervising you. This includes their age, they must be over 21, the types of vehicles they are qualified to drive and the type of licence they have. Here’s some further useful information on who can supervise a learner driver and how.

Build Your No Claims Bonus

It’s not possible to build up a no claims discount if you’re just a named driver on someone else’s policy. So if you want cheaper car insurance, it’s best to get your own insurance policy as early as you can. This can help you make savings on the cost of your car insurance in the long-term.

What’s Covered by Provisional Insurance?

Like standard car insurance, provisional insurance can cover you for any damages or injuries caused by accidents on the road.

  • Third-party car insurance is the legal minimum requirement. This will cover you for any damage you cause to another person, their car, or their property.
  • Third-party, fire and theft cover will also cover you if your car’s damaged by fire or attempted theft.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the only cover that will cover you for damage done to your car, as well as anyone else’s.

Depending on the level of cover you choose, your provisional driver insurance could also include legal cover, breakdown cover, personal accident cover, and a free courtesy car. Check the cover carefully before you buy.

Provisional Licence Insurance to Full Licence Insurance

With provisional insurance, you can get that essential extra practice that can make passing your driving test a breeze. Then, once you get your full licence, you can simply switch from provisional licence insurance to a full licence insurance policy.

All you have to do is let us know when you’ve passed.

Provisional Insurance for Own Car

When you drive with your driving instructor, they’ll usually sort out the insurance for you. However, with this arrangement, you’ll only be insured to drive your instructor’s car. Provisional insurance is essential if you want to practice driving in your own car, or in a friend or relative’s car.

If you plan on driving your parents’ car, they can always add you as a named driver to their insurance policy. However, you won’t be able to build up your no claims discount. To save money for your parents in the short term, and for yourself in the long term, you may want to consider buying a provisional insurance policy of your own.

Get a Provisional Insurance Quote Online in Minutes

At Go Girl, we specialise in affordable car insurance for provisional drivers. We understand your unique needs as a learner driver, so we can give you the cover you need at a reasonable price.

Get a provisional driver insurance policy and start building up your confidence behind the wheel, and your no claims discount, today.

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