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How to get cheaper Car Insurance for First Time Drivers

It’s not easy being a young driver. As a group, young drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident. This is bad news in itself. But because you’re classed as a high risk driver, your car insurance can be expensive.

For many young drivers, the eye-watering cost of car insurance puts a dampener on the sheer thrill of finally being able to drive. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There’s a few things you can do as a young driver to get cheaper car insurance.

Drive a Sensible Car for a Young Driver

You’ve probably dreamed of owning and driving your own car for years now. But the first car you drive shouldn’t be the car of your dreams. Avoid anything too fast or too flashy, as these invariably cost more to insure. Instead, go for something sensible and reliable, like a small hatchback or an efficient city car.

Cars like this are generally easier to handle too, so they’re perfect for young drivers who still need to build up their confidence behind the wheel.

Careful With How Modifications Can Affect Insurance

So you’ve decided to save money on car insurance by settling on a sensible hatchback. Your car might be cheaper to insure, but it’s far from the stylish ride you’ve always dreamed up. But that’s nothing a few modifications won’t fix! Some alloy wheels here, a new body kit there… your new car will look amazing in no time!

Not so fast. Car modifications like this can significantly increase your car insurance premium. Why? Because they cost a lot to replace in the event of an accident!

To get cheaper car insurance for a young driver, you really need to avoid these types of modifications.

Go All Out on Security

While you should take care with the modifications, go for as many extra security features as you can. Things like alarms and immobilisers can lead to cheaper car insurance, especially for young drivers looking to make savings.

Essentially, the less likely it is that your car will be stolen, the less likely you are to make a claim. This can lead to cheaper car insurance.

It may also help if you can park your car on a driveway or in a garage. If this isn’t possible and you have to park your car on a street, try to do it somewhere well-lit and in front of your house, where you can keep an eye on things.

Take the Pass Plus Scheme

Young drivers are classed as high risk drivers because they’re inexperienced. So if you want cheaper car insurance, it’s a good idea to get some more experience.

Take the Pass Plus driving course after you pass your driving test and you’ll get some more practice behind the wheel with a trained instructor. You’ll also get to practice driving in certain conditions that you might not have experienced during your lessons.

The Pass Plus scheme is designed to increase your confidence as a young driver. As a result, it may help to keep the cost of your insurance down.

Pay More Insurance Excess

This one’s a bit more complicated and a bit more risky, but it can really make a difference.

Excess is the amount you’ll pay if you have to make a claim. It varies depending on your age, the type of car you drive and the value of the vehicle.

If you’re a young driver aged between 17 and 24, you’ll have to pay a young driver excess as well as the standard excess. However, you also have the option to pay voluntary excess. And if you choose to pay a higher voluntary excess on top of the excess you’re quoted, the result might be cheaper car insurance overall.

But this one’s risky. If you are involved in an accident – and remember, statistically speaking this is more likely for young drivers – then you may struggle to pay that added voluntary excess. So never volunteer to pay more than you know you can afford!

Consider Pay as You Go Insurance

Some insurers offer pay as you go insurance policies. This involves placing a small black box in your car that monitors your behaviour as a driver. Every month, your premium is calculated based on how well you drove in the previous month. So in theory, the better you drive, the less you pay.

This might sound ideal, but pay as you go insurance policies can be extremely risky. First, if you’re not as safe and conscientious a driver as you think you are, you may end up paying more than you would have with a more traditional insurance policy.

But more than that, policies like this tend to favour drivers who drive short distances on safer roads. So if you routinely drive at night, or down unsafe country roads – or even if you have a particularly long commute – you may not see any savings at all from a pay as you go car insurance policy.

That’s why we believe it’s best to choose a policy where you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Get Insurance From a Company That Understands the Needs of Young Drivers

The sooner you take out your own car insurance as a young driver, the sooner you can start working towards your No Claims Discount.

If you take out your new driver car insurance with Go-Girl, we’ll let you protect your no claims discount after just one claim-free year. We also offer new drivers up to £100 personal belongings cover and up to £200 handbag cover.

And if you are involved in an incident, our comprehensive young driver insurance policy will give you a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs. So there’s no need to worry about missing work or cancelling plans!

Get a quote for young driver insurance and buy online in minutes.

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