Can Passengers Drink Alcohol in a Car

It’s illegal to drink and drive, and you’ll face some severe penalties if you drive a car while under the influence of drink or drugs.

But what about your passengers? Can passengers drink alcohol in a car?

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Can I Have Open Alcohol in the Car?

There are no laws against having open alcohol in your car – so long as you, the driver, is not drinking it. You can never drink alcohol while driving. Alcohol can impair your judgement, affect your motor skills, and slow your reaction speeds.

What’s more, even one drink can put you over the legal limit.

If you’ve been drinking, it’s important to wait an adequate amount of time before you drive again.

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol?

Legally, it’s fine for your passengers to drink alcohol in your car. However, just because you can do this, it does not mean that you should.

The Danger of Driving With Drunk Passengers

Driving with drunk passengers can be like driving with babies or small children. They can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a major distraction.

Drunk passengers can be loud, impulsive, and unpredictable. They might distract you with singing, shouting, or with their drunken rambling. They might suddenly fall ill, which could cause a terrible mess as well as a major distraction. Some people may even become dangerous while under the effects of alcohol. They might lash out at you, or even try and take control of the wheel.

Also, sober passengers can contribute to road safety. They might spot some hazards before you do, or they might be able to advise on a safer or quicker route. And if anything happens to you while you’re driving, they’ll be able to offer immediate assistance.

You are likely to not get any support from drunk passengers.

How to be Safer When Driving With Drunk Passengers

  • Be a good designated driver. Stay sober so your friends can drink. Strive to be as good a designated driver as possible. Refrain from drinking at all on nights when you’ll be driving. Remember that even one drink can put you over the limit.
  • Don’t leave it too late. If you’re driving your friends home from a party or a night out, try and get everyone to agree to leave as early as possible. Even if you stay sober, there are numerous risks to driving tired.
  • Ask any drunk passengers to sit in the back. In the back, passengers may be less likely to distract you. They may even fall asleep, which could make things easier for everyone.

Calling All Student Drivers!

If you’re a student with a car, you’re bound to be very popular indeed during party season! You can be a great help to your friends through providing safe and reliable rides to and from parties – so long as you stay sober and in control yourself.


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