When Can I Take My Driving Test: Covid Restrictions

At the time of writing, you cannot take your driving test in England due to the national lockdown. The government aims to gradually lift restrictions in the first half of 2021. You can read an up-to-date list of what you can and cannot do on the government’s website. But what about driving tests? When can … Read more

Engine Warning Light – What It Means and What Next

One of the many warning lights on your dashboard is a small icon that looks like a car engine. This is the engine warning light – otherwise known as the engine management light (EML). In some cars, rather than the engine icon, the EML might be a message, such as “check engine”. When you start … Read more

What Should You Do If Your ABS Warning Light Stays On?

As the name suggests, your car’s anti-lock brake system (ABS) is there to prevent your brakes from locking. If you have to make an emergency stop, you’ll apply a lot of force to your brakes. If one of your wheels were to lock at this point, your tyres would lose traction with the road. So … Read more

Buying a Car Online – Hints, Tips and More

You can buy anything online, even a car. However, while you can order certain items online without a second thought, you should take extreme care when buying a car online. Yet there are times when buying a car online might be your only option. During Covid-19 lockdown, car dealerships are not allowed to open. Many … Read more

What Is Cruise Control and How to Use It

Some cars feature cruise control. With this system, you can establish a set speed for your car to maintain.  Most drivers set their cruise control to 70mph, to allow for smooth and comfortable cruising on motorways whilst ensuring they don’t break the speed limit. How to Use Cruise Control If your car has cruise control, … Read more

Why Do I Have a Tyre Repair Kit Instead of a Spare Wheel?

Historically, cars have included a spare wheel as standard. The idea is, if you get a puncture, you can exchange your punctured wheel on the roadside before driving to a garage for a proper replacement. But we’re increasingly seeing cars equipped with tyre repair kits instead of spare wheels. Are you wondering why your car … Read more

ABS Warning Light – What It Means and Is It Safe?

ABS stands for anti-lock brake system. The ABS warning light indicates there’s a problem with your anti-lock brake system. What should you do if your ABS warning light stays on? You might get this question about the ABS warning light in your driving theory test with the following answers: Check the brake-fluid level. Check the … Read more

How Does Power Steering Work?

Power steering works so well that it’s easy to take it for granted. But have you ever wondered just how it works? Let’s take a look. How Does Power Steering Work? Power steering makes it easier for you to control your car through channelling power directly from the steering wheel to the wheels. If your … Read more

What Can Cause Heavy Steering?

In your driving theory test, you might get this question: What can cause heavy steering? These are the sort of answers you might have to choose from: Driving on ice. Badly worn brakes. Overinflated tyres. Underinflated tyres. So what answer are they looking for? What can cause heavy steering? It’s d: Under-inflated tyres. If your … Read more

Noise When Turning Steering Wheel – What to Do

Most of the noises your car makes while driving are perfectly natural. New or unexpected noises, though, are almost always cause for concern. And if you hear a noise when turning the steering wheel, then you should absolutely book your car in for a service as soon as possible. But what does it mean when … Read more