How Long Do I Have to Report an Accident to my Insurance Company?

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. If you haven’t had one before, you might also have the added pressure of learning what and when you need to tell your insurer. How Long Do I Have to Report an Accident to My Insurance Company? If you’re involved in an accident, you … Read more

When is my Car Insurance Due? How to Check If Your Car Is Insured

It’s illegal to drive without car insurance. There are severe penalties for driving uninsured, so it’s your legal responsibility as a driver to make sure your car has valid insurance at all times. Is your car insurance still valid? Finding out is easy. Just head to the Motor Insurance Database, put your car registration in … Read more

How to Clean Car Windows – From Inside to Outside

How did they get so dirty? It doesn’t matter – no matter who you are, and no matter where you live, car windows can get grubby if you don’t regularly clean them. And dirty car windows aren’t just unsightly, they’re also outright hazardous. You can fail an MOT if your car’s windows aren’t clean. So … Read more

Parents and Young Drivers Get Clear with a Safe Driving Agreement

Go Girl insurance have found out that some parents are setting up a safe driving agreement with their teenage children when they start learning how to drive.  The agreement is a promise made by a new driver to their parent or guardian that they won’t do anything irresponsible on the road. Think of it as … Read more

Mobile phone detecting road signs being tested

Distracted driving is a significant cause of road accidents, and as we all know mobile phone usage is a major cause of distraction. Our recent survey of young drivers found that over a quarter admitted to using their phone at the wheel. Despite tougher penalties introduced in 2017 – 6 penalty points and a £200 … Read more

What Happens After You Pass Your Driving Test?

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Survey Finds Parents Underestimate Children’s Poor Driving Habits

Our survey found young drivers were 2.5 times more likely to drink drive than their parents expected, while  a quarter of young drivers admitted to using their mobile phone at the wheel. In a survey run by Go Girl, we asked young drivers and parents about their experiences learning to drive and once they start … Read more

Driving Licence Categories and Codes: What Do They Mean?

Whether you’ve recently got your licence, or you’re still learning to drive, you might have wondered about the numerous driving licence categories and codes that are available. What do they mean? In short, driving licence categories indicate the sort of vehicles you’re allowed to drive with that specific licence. Meanwhile, driving licence codes tell you … Read more

Car Safety Features: What they are and do they work?

In the late 19th century, car safety features essentially extended to hiring someone to walk in front of your car waving a red flag, as a warning to pedestrians. Now car safety features are getting so advanced that certain experts are seriously predicting a future in which road accidents are a thing of the past. … Read more

20 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying a Car

Buying your first used car? Whether you’re buying it for yourself or for someone else, there’s a lot of pressure in this situation. Things can be stressful enough for first time drivers, so it’s important that the car they drive doesn’t make things worse. Here’s 20 questions to ask when buying a car. Some are … Read more