How Much Oil Does My Car Take & Need?

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Tyre Pressure Guide – What Should My Tyre Pressure Be?

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Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot or in Flip-flops?

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Is It Illegal to Drive Without an MOT?

During the Coronavirus lockdown, the government allowed UK motorists to delay their MOT for six months. This extension came to an end on 1 August 2020. MOTs are now mandatory once again. It It Illegal To Drive Without an MOT? It is illegal to drive without an MOT. Driving without an MOT is a serious … Read more

What Can I Drive on my Driving Licence?

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MOT Coronavirus Extension – Is My MOT Due Soon?

With the Coronavirus epidemic and the lockdown that followed, everyone in the UK had to make numerous adjustments. What is the Coronavirus MOT Extension? For example, if your vehicle’s MOT was due on or after 30 March 2020, the government gave you a six month extension on your MOT expiry date. The only stipulation was … Read more

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Is It Illegal to Drive in Pyjamas? UK Driving Laws

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