Petrol in a Diesel & Diesel in a Petrol Car – What to Do

So you’ve put petrol in your diesel car. Or, you’ve put diesel in your petrol car. Or maybe you’re just nervous about making this mistake. In any case, this is your guide to what to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car – and how you can take steps to avoid making … Read more

How Long Do You Have to Declare Points for Insurance?

If you break the laws of the road you’ll get points on your licence. And if you get points on your licence, you have a legal obligation to tell your car insurance providers. But how long do you have to declare points for insurance? What will happen to your insurance once you’ve told your provider? … Read more

Is It Illegal to Park Across a Driveway?

Parking restrictions are pretty strict in some areas. But wherever these strict parking restrictions exist, you’ll know about it. They’ll be clearly indicated by red lines or double red lines along the kerb, or signposts will outline the specific restrictions in place. But what about in areas where things aren’t so clear? Is it illegal … Read more

Can You Drive a Car Without Tax When You Buy It?

So you’re looking to buy a new car. Whether you buy it brand new or second hand, you’ll have to drive your lovely new car home. And that means you’ll have a few practicalities to consider. One thing that confuses many people is the question of car tax. Can you drive a car without tax … Read more

Driving with the Handbrake on: What Happens Now

So you’ve been driving with the handbrake on. Don’t worry, and don’t panic. This is a very easy mistake to make, especially for inexperienced drivers. When you’re setting out from a parked position, you have dozens of things to remember – clutch, ignition, gear, biting point, mirror, signal, manoeuvre – it’s only natural that you … Read more

Is It Illegal to Park on the Pavement?

Is it illegal to park on the pavement? This is a source of great controversy, and many drivers and pedestrians seem confused about the issue. So we thought we’d take a look at what the law has to say, so you can find out where you stand once and for all. Is It Illegal to … Read more

How to Not Stall a Car & Why Cars Stall

Even the most experienced of drivers stall cars from time to time. But if you understand why cars stall, it might help you to avoid stalling in the future. So this post is your complete guide to stalling! We’ll cover why cars stall, offer tips on how not to stall, and look at how you … Read more

How to Calculate Petrol Money and Fuel Costs Per Mile

If you share your car with friends, family or co-workers, it’s important to ensure that everyone pays what they owe when it comes time to top up the petrol. It’s not enough to simply take the cost of refuelling and divide it by however many people use your car, because inevitably, some people will drive … Read more

Car wing mirror
Is It Illegal to Drive Without a Wing Mirror?

Wing mirrors are the mirrors positioned on either side of your car. They’re there to help you see what’s happening behind you to your left and to your right. Because they jut out from your car, wing mirrors can be vulnerable. They’re easily damaged, and it doesn’t take much force to smash them off completely. … Read more

Alloy wheels from a silver Mercedes
How to Clean Your Alloy Wheels

Bright and shiny alloy wheels look beautiful. They’ll make your car look cool and stylish, so they’ll make you feel cool and stylish too. But you need to keep them clean. Dirty alloy wheels don’t look so stylish. And if you let too much dirt accumulate, they could become corroded, and even dangerous. This is … Read more