What is a Car Logbook and What If I’ve Lost It?

If you’re thinking of selling your car, or simply transferring ownership from yourself to a member of your family, you’ll need your car logbook. In this post we’ll explain what a car logbook is, why you need it, and let you know what steps you should take if you’ve lost your car logbook. What is … Read more

Driving Law: Highway Code & Car Tax Changes 2019

The Highway Code and driving law is updated all the time, to reflect changes in standards and technology, and to make the roads safer for everyone. As a driver, you have a responsibility to keep up to date with every change to UK driving law, no matter how small. After all, you don’t want to … Read more

Speeding: How Many Points & What About Your First 2 Years?

Speed limits exist for a reason. Speeding decreases your reaction time while increasing your stopping distance. At high speeds you’ll have less control of your car, which makes you a danger to yourself, to other motorists, to cyclists, and to pedestrians. It should come as no surprise then that there are harsh penalties for any … Read more

How Much Road Tax Will I Need to Pay?

Few things in the motoring world are more misunderstood than road tax. This is your essential guide to road tax. We’ll explain what it is (and what it isn’t!) and outline some of the factors that will determine just how much you have to pay. What Is Road Tax? Road tax is collected to fund … Read more

Where to Put a Sat Nav on Your Windscreen

The UK driving test changed in December 2017. As part of your test, you may now be required to follow directions from a sat nav. Your examiner will provide the sat nav and set it up for you. You can’t use your own sat nav – you must use the one provided by the examiner. … Read more

What is Tailgating and Why is it Dangerous?

Tailgating is common. It’s also antisocial, dangerous, and illegal. It involves driving very close to the car in front – so close that, were the car in front to stop suddenly, a collision would be unavoidable. Why Do People Tailgate? Sometimes people tailgate other drivers to try and prompt them into speeding up. For example, … Read more

Illegal Tyres: Examples of Bald & Unsafe Tyres

The state of your tyres is a matter of life and death. Keep your tyres in good condition and you can depend on them. But if you let your tyres degrade, or if you use tyres that aren’t fit for purpose, you’re looking at less traction, increased stopping distances, and a greater risk of aquaplaning, … Read more

two young women driving a car in the summer
Adding a Child to Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

So your son or daughter wants to learn to drive. They’ll need some insurance to cover them while they learn. It’s the law! Learner drivers are considered high-risk drivers, so learners can expect to pay more for their insurance than more experienced drivers. One option is to add your son or daughter to your car … Read more

How Long Can a Car Sit Without Being Driven?

Say you’re learning to drive, or your son or daughter is learning to drive. It’s common for learner drivers, or the parents of learner drivers, to buy a new car in advance, so that the new driver will have a car once they’ve got their driving licence. But for as long as the learner’s taking … Read more

When Should Tyre Pressure Be Checked?

You need to regularly check your tyre pressure. It will save you money, and it could even save your life. Studies by Michelin show that up to 75% of UK drivers regularly drive with under-inflated tyres, and more than 50% of drivers are driving with tyres that could be categorised as dangerously under-inflated. How Often … Read more