Driving Manoeuvres on a Driving Test and How to Master Them

You will learn each of the 5 driving manoeuvres as you progress through your driving lessons. They can be a little awe-inspiring at first as they all involve using reverse, controlling the pace of the car at low speed and using a high level of observation skills at all times. The good news is you … Read more

Best Cars for New Drivers: Small, Safe and Easy to Drive

The best cars for new drivers are small, comfortable, and easy to drive. They’ll be loaded with safety features, and they’ll offer excellent visibility. They won’t be the flashiest or most powerful of cars, but they’ll be cheap to run and cost comparatively less to insure. Safety should be a priority for everyone when considering … Read more

woman in red car
Does Air Con Use More Fuel? And 5 Other Ways To Save Money on Your Car

Running a car can get expensive, especially if you’re a new driver and aren’t used to the cost. You’ll probably have heard theories and tips about saving money on running your car, but what will really make the difference? We look at some of the best ways to save money on your car. Does air con … Read more

Girl on the phone after a car accident
Driving Essentials – What to do After an Accident

No matter how big or small, the first thing to remember after being involved in an accident is not to panic. You might be feeling shaken up, but try to keep a level head, and record as much information as you can, as this will help you later. What information do I need to get? … Read more

two young women driving a car in the summer
Make the most of your summer: the top seven road trips in the UK

Summer is the perfect time for exploring new places, and even if you lack the funds to go abroad, there is still plenty for you to see right here in the UK. With tons of fantastic road trips to take advantage of, it’s time to grab a friend, buckle up, and hit the road. Here … Read more

Foggy road
Knowing When to Use Fog Lights (and How to Turn Them on)

Your car’s rear fog lights are there to help other drivers spot you in foggy conditions. It’s a legal requirement that all cars have these fitted. Knowing when to use fog lights seems like a no-brainer: Turn them on when it’s foggy, and turn them off when it’s not. But is there anything more to … Read more

Car fuel pumps
9 Easy Ways to Save Fuel & Increase Efficiency

Car ownership can be expensive. While there are some costs that can’t be changed, for example tax, by following these 9 fuel saving tips, you can save fuel and save money. Check the tyre pressure regularly Under-inflated tyres have more contact with the road, and therefore a higher resistance, which reduces fuel economy.  Over time, … Read more

Blue Motorway Signs
What’s the Difference Between a Dual Carriageway and a Motorway?

There are no silly questions when it comes to driving a car. The best drivers are the ones who know they don’t have all the answers and are willing to learn. It’s those drivers who will likely pay the least in insurance over their driving life. Luckily, we are here to answer the most common … Read more

Car mechanic
What is checked on an MOT?

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an annual check of the general safety and road worthiness of a vehicle. By law, all qualifying vehicles must have a current and valid MOT. If your car does not have an MOT, it must be SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to confirm that the car is officially … Read more

Woman placing warning triangle on road
10 Things to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies

We all hope we will never have any sort of emergency while out driving, but unfortunately, breakdowns and accidents do happen. If you’re a new driver, it’s important that you know you’ll be prepared in case this happens. Here are 10 things to keep in your car with you, should you find yourself in an … Read more