England Netball Stars Share Their Driving Experiences

As the official car insurance sponsor to England Netball and the Vitality Netball Superleague, we have the inside scoop on the driving experiences from England’s best netball stars. We asked the players about their driving tests, first cars and dream cars as well as their most memorable journeys. The England Netball team are big achievers … Read more

Children in the back of a car
The Ultimate Travelling with Kids Checklist

Travelling with children can be a stressful experience at the best of times.  Chatty children can be a distraction, especially on long journeys, so make sure you prepare a checklist in advance of everything you need to keep them happy and help the trip go smoothly. Food and drink Bringing food and drink along is … Read more

Children using a map in the back of a car
Games to play in the car with kids on long journeys

When the school holidays roll around, no amount of preparation feels adequate. You may have booked the perfect trip, delicately balancing everyone’s expectations, but a car journey can throw things off course from the get-go. Kids’ moods are unpredictable – fact – and fewer things rile them up (or bring them down) more than a … Read more

night driving
The beast of the night – driving after dark

You might have grown out of cowering under your covers at the sight of your bedroom in the dark, but that doesn’t mean things no longer look different come night. Roads are no exception. However well you might think you know them, they can be a different beast come nightfall. Don’t be complacent Familiarity breeds … Read more

distractions while driving
Don’t leave getting ready until you’ve hit the road

There’s no problem if, like many of us, you treat your car as a bit of a spare wardrobe. What perhaps started out as a pair of driving shoes in the boot can quickly become a wardrobe on wheels when you lead a busy life. Just because you treat your car like a wardrobe, doesn’t … Read more

girl in the car seat
Booster Seat Law – Do You Know Car Safety Law?

Sadly, road traffic accidents are all too common and it comes as no surprise that booster seat laws reflect the seriousness of this issue by having strict guidelines in place for how children should be safely restrained when they are travelling by car. And it’s not just small children and babies that are covered by the law, … Read more

Toddler boy in car seat
Chatty Children and Babbling Babies – a Back Seat Danger?

There’s no escaping taking your children out in the car if you want to get from A to B. It isn’t such a problem when they are very young, and will happily stay asleep in their car seat, but once they get older and start crying at the thought of being strapped in, or begin … Read more

It’s fashionable to be late

Whether you are the sort of person that regularly sleeps through your alarm, or are the type that is ready with so much time to spare you end up browsing Facebook and losing track of time, you have almost certainly found yourself running late before you’ve even left the house at least once in your … Read more

young woman driver
Road deaths are increasing, are you safe on the roads?

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car you are taking responsibility for controlling that vehicle and driving safely. Deaths on the road are increasing and therefore it is time that every driver does their very best to be the safest driver they can possibly be. Everyone knows the rules around speeding and … Read more

Best foot forward, are your shoes right for driving?

It seems an unlikely mix, but in recent years the worlds of fashion and road safety have begun to combine with the development of specific shoes for driving. Choosing the right footwear for driving is imperative from both comfort and safety perspectives. A poll by uSwitch in 2015, found that more than eight out of … Read more