Baby on Board Signs – Where To Put Them and What Are They For?

We’ve all seen those baby on board signs on cars. But have you ever wondered if they actually work?

What is a Baby on Board Sign For?

A baby on board sign is there to tell other road users that you’ve got a baby in the car. They are also used to alert the emergency services that there might be a child in the vehicle who is unable to unbuckle and free themselves after an accident or collision.

When other road users see this sign, they’ll perhaps behave a bit more courteously towards you. They may understand why you’re driving a bit below the speed limit, for example, or why you’re taking your time in joining a roundabout.

Baby on board

Where Did Baby on Board Signs Come From?

These signs have existed in Europe for some time. But the most common brand today – a 12cm yellow square with the words “baby on board!” in bold black text – can be traced back to 1984. Michael Lerner, an American entrepreneur, had to drive his 18-month-old nephew home. He was shocked by the traffic conditions. “People were tailgating me and cutting me off,” he said. “For the first time, I felt like a parent feels when they have a kid in the car.”

Lerner then encountered Patricia Bradley and her sister, Helen, who were looking for a way to market a sign similar to the ones they’d seen in Europe. And the rest is history.

Different Types of Baby on Board Signs

Beyond the classic yellow square, you’ll find many varieties of baby on board signs for sale. Variants include “princess on board”, “toddler on board”, “little lady on board”, and so on.

You’ll also find variations in size, material, and installation technique. Some are stickers, some are magnetic, and some are designed to be stuck to your back window with suction cups.

Unlike L-plates and P-plates, there are no laws and standards concerning baby on board signs, however, you do need to be careful about where you put them.

Where To Put Baby on Board Signs

Baby on board signs are designed to be put on the back of your car, to warn anyone driving behind you. Magnetic signs and stickers can be attached to the boot of your car, next to (but not on) your registration plate. But if the sign’s a reversed sticker, or if it features suction cups, then it’s designed to be placed on your back window.

In this case, take care that you don’t place it anywhere that’s going to block your view of the road. After you attach the sign, make sure you can still clearly see out of your back window via your rear view mirror. If your view is obstructed in any way, move the sign so you have a clear view.

Further Resources For Parent Drivers

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