Where to Put & How to Install Baby Mirror in Car

In the UK, babies must travel in an appropriate car seat or booster until they turn 12, or reach 135 cm in height. Until then, they cannot travel in the front seat of the car. They have to sit in the back and they must sit in a rear-facing seat until they’re over 15 months old.

As a result, for the first 15 months of your baby’s life, every time you drive with them, they’ll be sat in the back, facing away from you. This can make it difficult to check on them. And if they start crying while you’re driving, it can be hard to soothe them.

But if you install a baby mirror in your car, you’ll have a safe and easy way to keep an eye on your baby while also keeping an eye on the road.

In this post we’ll discuss the best places to put a baby mirror in your car, and how you can install a baby mirror to make sure it stays in place.

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The Benefits of Using a Baby Mirror in the Car

  • Reduce anxiety, for you and your baby. You’ll be able to safely check on your baby at all times. And they’ll be able to see you, too. If your baby always seems to cry when you put them in their car seat, using a mirror could help them get used to being in the car.
  • Improve road safety. Without a baby mirror, you might be tempted to turn and look at your baby while driving, especially if they start crying. But with a baby mirror, you can check that all’s well without taking your eyes off the road. And if necessary, you can pull over when it’s safe to do so to tend to their needs.
  • Keep things fun. Some baby mirrors come in fun and cute designs, which can help make riding in the car more enjoyable for the baby. Others feature small LED lights, which can help keep your baby at ease if you’re driving in the dark.

Where to Put a Baby Mirror in the Car

You need to put the baby mirror next to your baby’s car seat, and on the top edge of your car’s back seat. Here, the mirror will reflect your baby’s face, so you’ll be able to check on them by just glancing in your rear-view mirror.

Take care when positioning the baby mirror so that it lets you see your baby without blocking your view of the road behind you. Check the mirror’s position from your driver’s seat and adjust it as necessary. Having someone to help you here would make things easier, as they could make minor adjustments based on your instructions.

How to Install a Baby Mirror

Most baby mirrors feature adjustable straps on the back, which you can use to attach to the backseat headrests, or to the backseats themselves. Other baby mirrors include suction cups, so you can attach them to your car’s back window. This isn’t ideal, as the cups could lose suction causing the mirror to fall off while you’re driving. You’ll also have to take extra special care to ensure that the mirror doesn’t obstruct your view.

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