Eight Must-Have Driving Apps

The concept of using apps for driving is a relatively new one. But with the meteoric rise of the use of smartphones, there are a range of driving apps available designed to make life easier for the driver.  The developers for these apps are constantly working on adjusting and improving their function – so the end user gets the best overall experience that they can. Though these are the top must have driving apps – you should NEVER use your phone while driving and always plan your journey ahead of time.driving apps

  1. My Cars (managing the cost of driving). This is a great app for keeping track of the various expenses associated with driving by logging your outgoings via a set of in-app tools. It includes an efficiency monitor, a fuel log and maintenance recorder and you can use it to set reminders for your MOT test or renewal date for car insurance. Best of all? My Cars allows you to manage multiple cars.
  2. Find My Car. We’ve all done it – parked in a large, multi-level car park and promptly forgotten where we’ve left the car. The Find My Car app does exactly as the name suggests and uses the GPS tracking system on your phone to pinpoint the location of your car. No more wandering around carparks searching for a familiar vehicle!
  3. AA Parking. You think it’s impossible to be confident about finding a space wherever you want to park? Think again. The AA has developed a superior app whose data covers all free and paid parking in the UK and Ireland. It also offers 24/7 customer support and in some areas there is a real-time option for space availability along with ticket prices and opening hours.
  4. AutoGuard Blackbox (monitoring your driving). This app uses a dashcam to record videos and pictures as you drive, including acceleration, altitude, latitude and speed to create an overall, accurate assessment of your driving. Should there be any car insurance disputes that crop up, you can use the footage this app records as evidence.
  5. WhatGas Petrol Prices (cheapest petrol). This app can locate your closest, cheapest petrol station, allowing you to make an informed choice about your petrol purchase using the most recent, accurate data. It includes diesel, unleaded and LPG petrol and operates not just in the UK, but also in Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic and Germany.
  6. RAC traffic. Sitting in solid, standstill traffic is the dread of most drivers. But this app aims to end that misery. The RAC traffic app identifies and displays all live, traffic trouble hotspots. The whole of the UK is covered and regular updates provide the most recent, accurate traffic information on both minor and major routes to be delivered to you so you can plan accordingly.
  7. AutoTrader Mobile. Bored of your car? This handy little app, available in iOS or Android, will quickly sift through one of the UK’s biggest online car marketplaces to match you with the best vehicle for you at the right price. And to minimise disruption, it also shows you those cars at the nearest location to you.
  8. MapsWithMe Pro (navigating offline). Satellite navigation is a brilliant concept and billions of drivers rely on it daily. But what happens when you aren’t sure of your route and you suddenly hit an internet black spot so your GPS stops working? You can either revert to an old-fashioned atlas, or you can use the MapsWithMe Pro driving app. This works completely without an internet connection to provide a swift, anywhere, anytime service which gives more security to your route planning.

Each app is designed to help improve your driving experience and provide you with the information you need to help reduce driving costs. If you’re a new driver you can find out more about how to save on your car insurance too, which is designed for new drivers.

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