How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust?

Faulty exhausts can damage the environment, and they can even cause harmful vapours to circulate your car’s cabin. So if there’s a problem with your exhaust, you need to sort it out as soon as possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust in the UK?

It depends on a few things, including the specific make, model and age of your car. It’s impossible to say exactly how much you might expect to pay to change your exhaust, as different mechanics will give you different quotes and it will depend on your car make and age.

How Can You Tell if There’s a Problem With Your Exhaust?

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Visible Signs of Damage – Take a look at your exhaust. Are there any signs of damage? Any cracks, holes, or rust? Also look out for any leaking water. If there’s a leak, you’ll probably have to pay for a new gasket as well as a new exhaust.
  • Smoke – Even healthy exhausts emit a bit of smoke from time to time. But if your exhaust is billowing huge amounts of dense smoke, then there’s probably a problem. Also, different colours of smoke can indicate different problems. Blue smoke, for example, usually means there’s been an oil leak. White smoke might mean you’re low on engine coolant, while black smoke could indicate a blocked fuel line. Head here to read our complete guide to what different colours of smoke could mean.

How to Get a New Exhaust

If you see or hear any of the things we listed above, see a mechanic as soon as you can. Tell them everything, in as much detail as possible. If you heard an unusual noise, for instance, try and determine exactly what sort of driving conditions generally cause the noise. You might only hear it when you drive slowly, for example. The more information you can give the mechanic, the quicker they’ll be able to determine exactly what’s wrong.

In any case, the mechanic will take a closer look at your car. Once they understand what the problem is, they’ll know what they’ll have to do to fix it. They’ll then quote you for repairs.

The mechanic’s quote will likely also include their labour costs. And depending on the issue, you might have to pay for more than just a new exhaust.

Will my car insurance cover the repairs? Unfortunately not. A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover you for any repairs your car might need as a result of theft, a collision, or a natural disaster such as fire or flood. It will not cover you for ongoing maintenance. For more information, please check your policy wording.


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