How to Cancel Your Driving and Theory Tests

Under Covid-19 lockdown, the UK government cancelled all driving tests and theory tests. Driving instructors stopped giving lessons. So if you were learning to drive in the months leading up to lockdown, it’s likely that your learning has ground to a halt in recent months. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: The government is gradually lifting lockdown restrictions. Soon you’ll be able to take lessons again, so soon you should be able to take your test.

But do you feel ready? And can you commit to your new test date?

A lot of things are up in the air at the moment. You might feel the need to cancel your driving test and theory test. Perhaps the date’s inconvenient, or perhaps you feel you need a little more practice.

So let’s take a look at how to do just that – cancel your driving and theory tests.

How to Cancel Your Practical Driving Test

Did you have a driving or theory test booked before lockdown? If so, the government should have automatically rescheduled your test date. They should have let you know by whichever means you chose to be contacted – text, email, or letter.

At the moment, you cannot cancel your driving test online. Instead, you need to email

In your email, you need to include any two of your:

  • Driving licence number.
  • Theory test pass certificate number.
  • Driving test booking reference.

Your driving licence number is written on your provisional driving licence.

How to Cancel Your Theory Test

Your theory test pass certificate number will be on the pass certificate you gained when you passed your theory test. And your driving test booking reference will be included in any emails, letters or texts the DVSA sent you when you booked your test.

So you cannot cancel your driving test online. You can, however, cancel your theory test online. To do so, head here.

You can also email if you need any help with your booking.

When you cancel your theory or driving test, you should allow at least three working days to get your refund.

Should I Cancel My Driving and Theory Test?

If you had already booked your driving test or your theory test, then it means that your driving instructor felt you’re ready. Driving instructors only recommend learners book their tests when they feel they’ve taught you everything they can. So even if you didn’t feel like you were ready, you probably were!

How To Know If You’re Ready For Your Driving Test

Maybe you haven’t had a chance to drive since lockdown began. Maybe you don’t feel confident anymore, and you no longer feel like you could pass your test. You might think that you need a bit of extra practice before you’re ready to take your test.

Want to know for sure? Get behind the wheel. You’re allowed to drive outside of lessons so long as you:

  • Are accompanied by someone who’s at least 21, and who’s had their licence for more than three years.
  • Have L-plates for your car.
  • Have learner driver insurance.

You can read our full guide to who can supervise learners outside of lessons here.

You Probably Haven’t Forgotten How to Drive

If you haven’t driven for a few months, you might feel like you’ve completely forgotten how to drive. It’s only natural that you’ll feel nervous when you get behind the wheel again. So start off slow. Maybe ask your supervisor to drive you to a car park first, where you can get used to using the pedals and handling the car again.

Most likely you’ll find that everything will come back to you. So if you’re up for it, try taking it to the road. Maybe stick to backstreets and suburbs first, but before long you should feel ready to return to main roads, country roads, roundabouts and dual carriageways.

Yes, you’ll be rusty. And yes, you’ll feel nervous to begin with. But you might surprise yourself. If your instructor felt you’re ready for your test, then you essentially know how to drive. You’ve done this before so you can do it again. And if you feel like you need more time to practice, or to rebuild your confidence, so be it! Aim to get as much practice as you can, and remember that you can always retake your test if you fail the first time. Don’t forget to make sure you have the correct learner car insurance in place.


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