Driving down the cost of insurance for young drivers

young female driver holding up car keyPassing your driving test, and perhaps getting to choose your first car, is an exciting time. However, it is also one that is fraught with hidden costs – potentially such as car insurance. Probably the biggest cost that young drivers face is their insurance policy so it’s important to choose wisely. Any chance there is to reduce the cost of having your new wheels on the road should be seriously considered, and one of these is checking which insurance group your new car falls into. Choosing an appropriate car can help to drastically reduce the cost of being insured as a young driver, typically between 17-25.

Insurance costs for young drivers can be high, which is why it’s imperative to take the time to consider all of your options. Some cars are naturally cheaper to insure for various reasons, including those with a small engine size. Young drivers should check these cars out first when they are considering their vehicle options.

Small cars – big choices

So when it comes to cars, the Mercedes, Land Rovers, BMWs and high end performance cars are probably going to have to wait a few years if you’ve only just passed your test. But there are a plethora of other availabilities out there and sifting through the options to make the most sensible choice can help ensure your insurance costs stay as low as possible. Some of these choices include:

  • Peugeot 107 – This is a great, all-round car choice for the 17-25 age group and is very similar to the Vauxhall Corsa.
  • Citroen C1 – A good, sensible first car for a young driver.
  • Toyota (iQ 1.0 VVT-i) – This model is slightly bigger than the Smart Fortwo version and can take four people.
  • Ford Fiesta (1.25 60 Studio) – This is an entry level model, and whilst there are other, more expensive, versions out there, this particular car benefits from being fun to drive and comfortable to be in. A perfect choice for a young driver.
  • Kia Picanto (1.0 1) – Again, this car is a basic model but it comes in either a three-door or five-door spec. 

There are many other options from other makes, including Hyundai, Renault, Seat and Skoda but ultimately they all fit into the same bracket of being good choices for first time car drivers. Plus, if you are a young driver looking for low cost car insurance, then you should avoid:

  • Any car with an engine size of over 1.4 litres
  • Tinted windows
  • Cars with more than 5 seats
  • Cars with non-standard body modifications
  • Sports editions, convertibles, etc.
  • Any car which is over 20 years old

Insurance may be expensive, but by choosing a sensible car to drive you can ensure that your costs stay as low as possible.


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