Project Pictogram Revolutionises Road Safety

Go Girl backs Project Pictogram, the new driver awareness scheme which uses images to help educate road users around road safety whilst they are on the road.

The new initiative is designed to raise awareness around road safety, but will also aims to educate and alter our driving behaviours to help reduce fatal and serious road incidents.

On average, five people die on the roads of the UK every day. And more than that – 90% of these collisions are caused by human error. These alarming statistics mean that road safety is a priority, and Project Pictogram is an exciting new driving initiative designed to ensure maximum safety among motorists through a series of images displayed on vehicles.


The aim is to maintain a high industry standard of safety through a more advanced awareness of the key issues that affect drivers. Project Pictogram aims to cut down dramatically on the things, which have thus far been proven to influence driver safety, namely speed, use of mobile phones when driving, lack of of seat belts, alcohol or drug use and keeping a safe following distance.

How does Project Pictogram work?

Images will be displayed on the back of vehicles, on advertising materials, motor industry documents (car warranties, etc.) and product packaging such as food, drink, and make-up. This will have an enormous impact on motorist awareness as they will constantly come into contact with the images and start to think about their individual driving styles and habits.

There are no hidden messages in the road safety images, the pictures are being used to communicate the message that roads are dangerous and care needs to be taken.

Why is Project Pictogram being used?

Research has demonstrated that there are a few reasons why using images improves understanding of the message being conveyed:

  1. It will stick in the long term memory for longer
  2. It will improve comprehension of facts
  3. It can trigger emotions

This means that the road safety message being delivered will have a bigger impact on the motorist compared to them just reading words. When the brain recalls a memory it also recalls the emotions it sparked at the time, meaning that the information will continue to have an impact long after it was first read. Coupled with the fact that the human brain processes visual information very quickly and very accurately.

Project Pictogram has the potential to revolutionise motorist behaviour and improve road safety on an enormous scale and Go Girl is proud to support this project for new drivers. To find out more about new driver insurance and how you can save, visit:


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