Can Learner Drivers Drive at Night?

In the UK, learner drivers can drive at night. Though some countries place limits on when a learner driver can drive, there are no such laws in the UK. In England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, learners can drive at any time, day or night.

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Why Learners Should Try Driving at Night

Because, when you’re learning to drive, it’s important that you experience driving in as many different conditions as possible. That way, you’ll be prepared for almost anything once you pass your test and it’s time to drive alone.

Driving at night is a little different to driving during the day. There may be fewer cars on the road, but at the same time, you’ll have less visibility. You’ll have to pay close attention for any cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users who may not be immediately visible. And of course, you’ll have to get used to using your car’s lights, and the various different settings.

If you’re learning to drive in the autumn or winter, some of your lessons might naturally take place after dark. But even if you’re driving in the summer, your driving instructor might suggest you have a few night time lessons to get you used to driving when it’s darker.

For more, read our full guide to driving at night.

Can Learner Drivers Drive Alone at Night?

Until you pass your test, you can never drive alone as a learner driver.

However, you can get some additional driving practice outside of your lessons. You just have to follow certain rules.

You must have:

So long as you have all of these things, you can practice driving anytime you like, day or night.

Can a Learner Drive on the Motorway?

Motorway driving is not currently part of the practical driving test so not all driving instructors include motorway driving as part of their lessons. For Learner drivers to drive on a motorway they need to be:

  • accompanied by an approved driving instructor
  • driving a car fitted with dual controls

But as we said above, it’s important that learners sample as many different driving conditions as possible during their lessons. So talk to your instructor, and they might schedule a motorway drive as part of one of your lessons.

Learner Driver Insurance

If you want to get some extra practice in between your lessons, especially to practice driving at night, make sure you have the right learner driver insurance.


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