Returning to Uni After Christmas – Can Students Go Straight Back?

Rather than waiting for the new term to begin, some students choose to return to uni as soon as possible after Christmas.

Some want some peace and quiet to focus on their studies, or on preparing for exams in January. Others are simply eager to return to their new life of fun, friends and independence at uni.

Can students go straight back to uni after Christmas?

If you’re a first year student, then you’re likely living in a halls of residence.  Most, if not all, universities keep their halls of residences open over the Christmas break. This is partly because most students pay for continuous accommodation so are also entitled to say in accommodation they have paid for.

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A Short Guide to Returning to Uni After Christmas

It’s worth bearing in mind that not everything will be open until term begins. Check the opening hours for your uni library, and any shops, cafes, and other facilities on campus. Don’t worry too much about getting supplies, though – you’ll always be able to venture off-campus!

But if you don’t live in a halls of residence, and you instead rent your own flat or home, then there should be no issue whatsoever with you heading straight back to uni after Christmas.

Dealing With Homesickness and the Post-Christmas Blues

So far in this post we’ve talked exclusively about students who, for one reason or another, can’t wait to get back to uni after Christmas. But this isn’t the case for all students. Immediately after Christmas, some students start to feel the same overwhelming homesickness they felt when they left home for the first time. To help with this feeling try to focus on your studies and make plans as soon as possible so you have something to look forward to like your next visit home.

Driving From Home After Christmas?

If you plan on driving back to uni after Christmas, it is worth adding breakdown cover when you buy your car insurance. With winter months getting colder, it is good know that you can get help and won’t be stranded.

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