How Much is a New Windscreen Replacement?

The cost of a new windscreen replacement depends on a few things:

  • Your car’s make and model – Costs will vary based on the car you drive. For example, the cost of a replacement windscreen will likely be higher on premium brands as parts tend to cost more, and also on newer cars as newer windscreens tend to have more features.
  • The extent of the damage – If it’s just a small chip or crack, it might be possible to repair your windscreen rather than replace it outright.
  • Where you go for repairs – Different companies charge different prices for windscreen It pays to get a few different quotes.

The good news is that glass cover is included as standard with our comprehensive car insurance policies. Read our policy wording for more information on windscreen cover and the excess that applies.

Broken windscreen

Do I Need a New Windscreen?

If it’s just a small chip in any area, then you’ll probably be able to get it repaired. But if the chip exceeds the size limit for that particular area of the windscreen, you’ll need a replacement instead. Also, some damage can’t be repaired – such as any substantial cracks, or any broken or shattered areas.

Windscreen Zones and Maximum Chip Sizes for Repair

According to, your windscreen’s divided into  two distinct areas. This code of practice allows for chips of up to a certain size to be repaired. But if you have any damage that exceeds these sizes, then you’ll need a windscreen replacement, instead of a repair:

  • Zone A is a vertical area 290mm wide, centred on the steering wheel and contained within the swept area of the windscreen (this area is 350mm wide on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes);
  • Zone B – this is the remainder of the windscreen

In Zone A, a single damaged area shall be contained within a 10mm diameter circle. A combination of minor damage areas shall not seriously restrict the drivers view.

In Zone B, a single damaged area shall be contained within a 40mm diameter circle.

How Does a Windscreen Repair Work?

Repairing a windscreen is pretty straightforward. First, they’ll thoroughly clean and dry the affected area. Then they’ll fill in the chip with a clear resin. And once this resin dries, it has exactly the same properties as glass – smooth and transparent.

It’s vital that you address any chips in your windscreen as soon as you find them. Because your windscreen is subjected to vibrations, moisture, and both hot and cold temperatures, even small chips can eventually grow into substantial cracks. So if you don’t get a chip repaired quickly, you might eventually need a completely new windscreen.

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Are Windscreen Repairs Covered By My Car Insurance?

If you’re insured with Go Girl, you’ll get glass cover as part of your comprehensive car insurance.

We’ll cover the costs of any repairs or replacements subject to your policy excess and terms & conditions – so as soon as you see a crack, you can get it fixed long before it becomes a problem. Head here for more information on our windscreen cover.

At Go Girl, we offer specialist car insurance for young drivers and new drivers too. We’ll give you all the cover you need at a price you can afford. Get a quote and instant cover online in minutes.


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