How To Prevent Your Car Being Broken Into By Thieves

Car theft is a risk that all drivers must contend with. Though thieves seem to target certain specific makes and models, no matter what you drive, you should take steps to keep your car and your property secure.

Different Types of Car Theft

Car theft can take different forms. Some thieves may steal a car itself, while others will target specific parts or components and other, more opportunistic thieves, may steal your personal belongings.

The most severe form of car theft involves thieves stealing the car itself. They’ll either break into the car and drive it away themselves, or they’ll use a tow-truck to literally lift your car from the street.

Thieves may also target specific car parts and components. For example, they may try and lift a car’s wheel’s, hubcaps, or catalytic converters. You can find out more about the common targets of these types of theft, and whether your vehicle features any of these components.

But some types of car theft are a lot less elaborate, and a lot more opportunistic. Thieves might break into your car to steal your personal belongings. They’re not interested in the car itself so much as the things you might be keeping inside it.

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How To Prevent Your Car Being Broken Into By Thieves

There are a few things you can do to either make your car less of a target to thieves, or else to make life harder for any thieves who do decide to break into your car:

  • Keep your keys safe. At home, never leave your keys near your front door or near a window. Keep them somewhere secure and out of sight. And if you have a keyless entry car, use a Faraday bag or pouch to block the signal. Never leave your keys in sight or unattended when you’re out and about. Keep them either in your pocket or in your bag at all times.
  • Take care where you park. Aim to park in a busy, well-lit area, ideally with CCTV coverage. At home, a locked garage is ideal, and a driveway is preferable to on-street parking. But if this isn’t possible, use steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, advanced alarm systems, trackers, and dashboard cameras to keep your car as secure as possible.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight. Keep cash, bags, or any other valuables hidden. This will make your car less attractive to any opportunistic thieves in the area, who may glance into cars to see if there’s anything worth stealing. Also, never leave any valuables in your car overnight.

Get The Right Insurance Cover

The bad news is that car thieves are getting braver and smarter all the time. No matter what you do to keep your car secure, you may never be able to entirely eliminate the risks of car theft. So it’s important to get the right insurance in place to cover you for the risks.

Third party with added fire and theft insurance can cover you for any damage your car sustains following a break-in attempt. But for total peace of mind, get comprehensive car insurance, which can cover you for most of the losses and damages associated with car theft.


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