Car Mechanic passing keys to customer
Driving Without an MOT: Penalties and Insurance

Driving without an MOT is a surprisingly common yet illegal practice on UK roads. According to the SMMT, a third of motorists have driven without a valid MOT, and some have done so for as long as six months. Maybe these motorists just kept putting it off. Or maybe they thought that they’d never get … Read more

uk festival map
UK Festivals List: Get the best out of summer with our interactive festival map

The sun is out and festival season has finally arrived. We may specialise in offering comprehensive car insurance to young drivers, but we also want to ensure you get to experience all the music fuelled adventures within your reach on the road. That’s why we have created an interactive map of the best festivals in … Read more

new vs nearly new vs used car guide
Guide to Buying a Car: New vs Nearly New vs Used

Whether you’ve finally passed your test or you’re planning to learn to drive in your own car, buying your first car is an incredibly exciting yet tricky time. The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a new car, a nearly new car or a used car. It’s not always as simple … Read more

Driving test changes: Your complete guide to the new driving test

It has recently been announced that the driving test will be changing on 4 December 2017. If you are currently learning to drive, or thinking about starting lessons, there’s a good chance these changes will affect you. Even if you are hoping to pass your test before December, your driving instructor will be getting you … Read more

Instagram? Insta-ban

New drivers now risk losing their licence if they use their phone behind the wheel. From March 1st 2017, any driver caught using their mobile behind the wheel will face an immediate £200 penalty and six points on their licence. This is extra tough on new drivers, because for the first two years after passing … Read more

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Top tips for dealing with driving test nerves

Nerves on your driving test are only natural and to be expected. But if you are too anxious, it could well interfere with your functioning and performance. Take a look at our tips below for staying calm and using those butterflies to give you that extra edge. Preparation Sometimes pupils are so nervous about the … Read more

driving in snow
The Do’s and Don’ts of driving in snow

Winter often involves slippery roads, limited visibility and icy conditions. With much talk of snow in the news this week, we wanted to share a few tips about driving in the snow. But first, if the weather is particularly bad, then simply don’t drive at all. Some conditions are not worth the risk. Likewise, if … Read more