Give way road markings
Types of Road Markings – Give Way, Hatched, and Solid Lines

Road markings are like a language written on the road. And if you want to pass your theory test and become the best possible driver, you’re going to have to learn to speak that language! In this post we’ll explain what the various road markings mean, and what you should do when you encounter them … Read more

Highway Code – Stopping Distances in Dry and Rain

Everyone knows one thing about stopping distances: It takes longer for your car to stop on wet surfaces than it does on dry surfaces. But what does the Highway Code have to say about this issue? If you’re learning to drive and preparing for your theory test, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the Highway Code’s … Read more

Illegal Tyres: Examples of Bald & Unsafe Tyres

The state of your tyres is a matter of life and death. Keep your tyres in good condition and you can depend on them. But if you let your tyres degrade, or if you use tyres that aren’t fit for purpose, you’re looking at less traction, increased stopping distances, and a greater risk of aquaplaning, … Read more

two young women driving a car in the summer
Adding a Child to Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

So your son or daughter wants to learn to drive. They’ll need some insurance to cover them while they learn. It’s the law! Learner drivers are considered high-risk drivers, so learners can expect to pay more for their insurance than more experienced drivers. One option is to add your son or daughter to your car … Read more

Snow on Car Roof: Knowing the Law

Many people love waking up to find the world covered in snow. But for some people, particularly those who drive a lot, snow can bring a lot of headaches. If your car’s covered in snow, obviously you’re going to clean the windscreen. But far too many drivers ignore the roof… Is It Illegal to Drive … Read more

Driving in a Bus Lane by Mistake – What Should You Do?

It happens to the best of us: You’re driving through an unfamiliar part of town, or perhaps an overly-familiar part of town. Maybe your mind wanders for a moment, or maybe you have to navigate a particularly complex junction. Anyway, before you know it, you realise you’re driving in a bus lane… What should you … Read more

Driving Test Revision: Show Me, Tell Me Questions

Are you ready for your driving test? It’s important to prepare for every aspect of your test, so don’t forget those all-important Show Me, Tell Me questions! During your test, your examiner will ask you two “Show Me, Tell Me” questions. Essentially, you’ll be asked to explain (tell me) or demonstrate how you’d carry out … Read more

What is a Provisional Driving Licence? And How Long It Lasts

If you want to learn to drive, whether it’s a car, a motorbike or a moped, first you’ll need a provisional driving licence. What Is A Provisional Licence? A provisional driving licence is legally required not just for driving lessons, but also for theory tests, hazard perception tests, and your practical driving test. What Does … Read more

How to Stop Stalling Your Car: Finding the Biting Point

If you’re a new driver or a learner, stalling your car can feel mortifying. When you come to a sudden halt, and when the cars behind you start beeping their horns, you start to feel like you’re holding the whole world up. But we’re here to tell you that any driver can stall. All it … Read more

How old do you have to be to drive in the UK?

How old do you have to be to be able to legally drive in the UK? This might seem like a simple question with a simple answer. But the situation is a little bit more complex than you might think. There are quite a few things to bear in mind, and a few special circumstances … Read more