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Who Can Supervise a Learner Driver and How?

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the better you’ll get at driving. This is true for everyone. When you’re learning to drive, it really helps to get some practice in between your lessons. This will give you a chance to practice some of the techniques your instructor taught you. It’ll also let you … Read more

Hazard Perception Test – Tips to Pass

The Hazard Perception Test is an important part of your theory test. How Does the Hazard Perception Test Work? It’s like a game: You watch a video of an everyday situation on the roads. The video is filmed as if from the eyes of a driver. It’s your job to look out for developing hazards … Read more

How Many Minors Can You Have on Your Driving Test?

Good news! Your driving test does not have to go perfectly for you to pass! You’re allowed to make a few mistakes. But what sort of mistakes are forgivable, and how many are you allowed to make before you fail? In this post we’ll explore driving test minors, and let you know the sort of … Read more

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After Driving Test – What To Do And How Long Until You Can Drive

When learning how to drive, you spend so much time focused on preparing for your driving test that it’s easy to forget about what happens immediately after your test. So you pass, or you fail. But then what? Let’s take a look at what happens after your driving test, whatever your results. After Your Driving … Read more

How to Take Your Driving Test in Your Own Car

Not all cars are quite the same. One car may handle slightly differently from another, and with a multitude of different engine sizes out there, most cars simply feel different to one another. But even with similar-sized cars there’ll be small differences that might make a huge difference to your driving experience – such as … Read more

How to Transfer Car Ownership to a Family Member

So your son or daughter has just passed their driving test. Fantastic! Rather than buying them a brand new car, you want to give them your old car. This is a sensible idea – nobody knows the car’s history better than you. You know it can be depended on, and you already have access to … Read more

Give way road markings
Types of Road Markings – Give Way, Hatched, and Solid Lines

Road markings are like a language written on the road. And if you want to pass your theory test and become the best possible driver, you’re going to have to learn to speak that language! In this post we’ll explain what the various road markings mean, and what you should do when you encounter them … Read more

Highway Code – Stopping Distances in Dry and Rain

Everyone knows one thing about stopping distances: It takes longer for your car to stop on wet surfaces than it does on dry surfaces. But what does the Highway Code have to say about this issue? If you’re learning to drive and preparing for your theory test, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the Highway Code’s … Read more

Illegal Tyres: Examples of Bald & Unsafe Tyres

The state of your tyres is a matter of life and death. Keep your tyres in good condition and you can depend on them. But if you let your tyres degrade, or if you use tyres that aren’t fit for purpose, you’re looking at less traction, increased stopping distances, and a greater risk of aquaplaning, … Read more

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Adding a Child to Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

So your son or daughter wants to learn to drive. They’ll need some insurance to cover them while they learn. It’s the law! Learner drivers are considered high-risk drivers, so learners can expect to pay more for their insurance than more experienced drivers. One option is to add your son or daughter to your car … Read more