Long journey
Essential Car Checks before a Long Journey

Checking your car before a long journey is important at any time of year, however, it becomes even more essential in the winter months when the weather conditions are often less than ideal which makes it especially important to give your car a once over before you leave. Check your lights If you’re making a … Read more

How to Pass the Hazard Perception – Top Tips

The Hazard Perception Test makes up one of two elements of your Theory Test.  Rather than have to answer questions, you will be presented with a series of videos, and your score will be based upon how long it takes you to react to the events in the videos by clicking the mouse.  You will … Read more

Student on driving test
How to do an emergency stop on your driving test

One in three people taking their driving test will be asked to do an emergency stop. The emergency stop will be done in addition to your other manoeuvres. Although you should always be prepared to do an emergency stop should the situation arise, if your examiner would like to see you demonstrate an emergency stop, … Read more

Woman taking driving test
How to Prepare for your Driving Test

Some people look forward to their driving test, and the day they will finally have freedom on the roads, while others find themselves full of nerves.  Whichever group you find yourself in, being prepared is the key to success. Preparing for the day Practice makes perfect, so the best way to prepare for your driving … Read more

Driving on a wet road
Driving in the Rain: What you need to Know

Sudden showers and prolonged downpours can occur throughout the year, so driving in the rain is a skill that all new drivers have to acquire, and fast. Driving in the Rain – Essential Tips Wet surfaces can almost double your stopping distance, so slow down and take it easy Keep your air conditioning on to … Read more

How to Stay Safe While Driving This Christmas

Help yourself stay safe while driving this Christmas by being prepared. Whether you are travelling a long distance to visit friends and family, or travelling home from the Christmas party, keep yourself safe by planning your journey in advance. Arrange a lift if you’re out drinking Whether you are planning a big night out at … Read more

Learner Drivers Will Be Allowed on Motorways from 2018

From 2018, learner drivers will be allowed on UK motorways for the very first time. The exact date of the change will be revealed nearer the time, and the Highway Code rules on motorways will be updated accordingly. It will remain illegal for learner drivers to drive on motorways until the law changes. So while … Read more

Different types of crossing: Know your Pelican from your Puffin

A crossing is a crossing, isn’t it? The safest place to cross any road is of course a pedestrian crossing. But what many pedestrians and learner drivers may not be aware of is there is more than just one type of crossing in the UK. Each has its unique rules and regulations and some are … Read more

Two cars bay parked
Mastering Manoeuvres: How to Bay Park (Plus Reference Points)

Bay parking is possibly one of the newest manoeuvres that you may be asked to do on your driving test. It involves reversing into and parking your car safely in the bay of a car park or street. As we stated in our article “Driving manoeuvres on your test and how to master them“, it … Read more

win £250 towards driving lessons
Win £250 towards Driving Lessons

Go Girl Car Insurance are offering one lucky winner the chance to win driving lessons up to the value of £250! So you’ve got your provisional license and passed your theory test, well done. Whether you’ve already started driving lessons or just saving up towards them, you’ll know that you may need between 40 to … Read more