Get your car winter ready

Some areas of the UK have been experiencing ice and snow with reports that it will spread to other areas of the UK soon. So, here are our tips on how you can get prepared and make your car winter ready.

Break downs and accidents increase when it is icy or snowing and it’s vital to ensure that you and your car are prepared in order to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Check your car

Nowadays most people keep their cars in a good condition so hopefully you won’t experience any problems, but there are a few extra precautions that you can take to ensure your car is ready for the cold.

Things worth checking:

  • Car battery – a mechanic can check the health of your battery. If a battery is older than 5 years it is recommended that it is replaced.
  • Fuel – make sure that you keep a minimum of a quarter of a tank in your car at all time in case of unexpected circumstances.
  • Lights – particularly important in bad weather, as you will rely on them for driving safely in dark, wet conditions. Lights should be kept clean and in good condition and having a spare bulb in the car is a good idea.
  • Tyres – check the tread on your tyres, the minimum tyre tread is 3mm. Checking your tyre pressure every couple of weeks, including your spare tyre, is recommended. Make sure you also have the right tools in the car in case you need to change a tyre.
  • Windscreen – keep your windscreen clean inside and out to reduce glare and replace any worn wiper blades. Make sure you have good levels of high quality screen wash.
  • Antifreeze – keeping your antifreeze topped up is highly recommended so check the it regularly and make sure that you have the optimum concentration to protect your car.

Winter kit

If the weather takes a turn for the worse it is always recommended that you keep a winter kit in the car to help keep you and your passengers safe in the event that you car breaks down, or won’t start.

A winter kit should include:

  • A torch and spare batteries
  • Sleeping bags or thick blankets
  • Bottles of water and snacks (e.g. chocolate, cereal bars, nuts, crisps; anything that will keep your energy up during a long, cold wait)
  • A shovel
  • De-icer and an ice scraper
  • Extra warm clothes, gloves, hats, footwear and waterproofs

It is also worth considering taking out RAC breakdown cover which is an optional extra available when you buy Go Girl car insurance.


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