Don’t leave getting ready until you’ve hit the road

distractions while drivingThere’s no problem if, like many of us, you treat your car as a bit of a spare wardrobe. What perhaps started out as a pair of driving shoes in the boot can quickly become a wardrobe on wheels when you lead a busy life. Just because you treat your car like a wardrobe, doesn’t mean you should use it as a place to get ready.

Don’t be afraid to be fashionably late

You might think you can save a bit of time by getting ready in your car, but in reality, not only can it be dangerous by distracting you from the road, it takes twice as long to do anything while in the cramped conditions of a car. If you’re running late, the best thing to do is tell the person who is expecting you that you are running behind, and get ready before you leave.

Avoid distractions

Driving while distracted is a major cause of accidents. If you’re not fully focused on your driving because you’re still worried about getting ready for your meet up it can easily side-track your attention for a few vital seconds.

Many women will admit to applying make-up behind the wheel, but anything that takes your eyes off the road can not only cause an accident, but potentially cost you your license. Driving while texting is specifically mentioned in the law, but anything that distracts you from the road could see you charged with Driving without due care and attention”.

It’s always worth taking those few extra moments to get ready at home rather than while you’re on the go.

Clean out your wardrobe on wheels

One way to avoid the temptation of getting ready in your car is to leave the distractions behind or out of your reach whilst driving. If you can’t get to them then you can’t be tempted to use them, and it will force you to make sure you’re ready before you set out on your journey.   This isn’t the only benefit. The less clutter you carry around with you, the better your fuel economy will be. If you’ve ever had your bag weighed at the airport, you will know all too well how quickly a few shoes and items of clothing can weigh a significant amount. Use the money you save to treat yourself to something new, and be glad that the extra boot space leaves you more room for shopping.

It is important to be prepared for the day (or night) ahead before you leave home. Although looking the part is one thing, it is important to remember your responsibilities as a driver. Car insurance is a huge part of being prepared for the road, so make sure you are covered before you go anywhere.


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