How To Prepare A Car For A Learner

The average learner driver needs about 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of practicing before they’re ready to take their practical test.

In order to practice outside of lessons, you’ll need three things:

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What Are The Best Cars For Learner Drivers?

The best cars for inexperienced drivers – including learner drivers and newly qualified drivers – are small, safe, and easy to drive. Look for models that offer good safety features and increased visibility. And prioritise manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency over speed, acceleration, and performance.

So you’ve found someone to supervise you, you’ve got your learner driver insurance cover, and you’ve got a car to drive in.

But not so fast! You may have to make certain tweaks to that car before you can practice driving in it.

How To Prepare a Car For a Learner

The following are changes that you should make to your car before a learner driver starts practicing in it.

  • L-Plates – You need to put L-plates on both the front and the rear of the car. Read the full rules about displaying L-plates.
  • Remove distractions – Turn off the radio and remove anything hanging from the rear view mirror. Also remove any stickers that might be obscuring the view through the front or back window and any extra keys or keyrings that could cause excessive rattling or jangling while you drive. Pushing down the headrests on the back seats may also improve your view through the rear window.
  • Empty the boot – A heavy car handles differently to a light car. As it’s unlikely you’ll take your test in a fully-loaded car, you may wish to empty the car’s boot before you do any practice driving.

Extra Resources For Learner Drivers

We have a complete guide to the rules for learner drivers. This will tell you almost everything you need to know: The things you can and cannot do as a learner, and some useful tips for making the most of your lessons.

Also be sure to read about our learner driver insurance policies and get a quote online. We’ll help you to get on the road to becoming a safe, confident, and covered driver!


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