How to Clean Car Windows – From Inside to Outside

How did they get so dirty? It doesn’t matter – no matter who you are, and no matter where you live, car windows can get grubby if you don’t regularly clean them. And dirty car windows aren’t just unsightly, they’re also outright hazardous.

You can fail an MOT if your car’s windows aren’t clean. So this blog will tell you how to effectively clean your car windows, from inside to outside.

How to Clean Car Windows – First Things First, Save Your Windows For Last

Presumably you’ll be cleaning your car windows as part of a more thorough car wash. If this is the case, save your windows for last. When cleaning other parts of your car – particularly the roof – it’s likely that dirt will trickle down the front and rear windshields as you rinse. So if you start with your windows, you might find all your hard work gets undone as you work on the rest of your car! That’s why it’s best to save the windows for last.

Choose the Right Day

You obviously don’t want to clean your car windows on a rainy day, but it’s just as important to avoid doing it on a sunny day. When it’s too hot, any water or cleaning products you apply to your car windows can evaporate before they’ve had a chance to work their magic. It’s best to clean your car windows on a cool and overcast day, with no rain forecast.

Choose the Right Products

Don’t just choose any old window cleaner. Avoid using any products that feature ammonia, as this can damage any tinting on the windshield while drying out your rubber seals.

Some car window cleaners can be applied directly. Others are concentrated formulae, and must be diluted with water before use. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you’re doing things right.

Depending on how dirty your car windows are, you might have to buy multiple cleaners. If you regularly park under trees, for example, you’ll have to buy a product that’s specially designed for treating tree sap. And if you live in a hard water area, your car windows might be cloudy with water spots. Once again, this can be treated with the right product. You may also have to buy one cleaner for the outside of your windows and one for the inside.

Gather Your Materials

To clean your car windows, you will need:

  • Car window cleaner (see above)
  • A bucket (if you’re using the concentrated cleaner)
  • A microfibre cloth
  • A sponge

It’s worth treating your wipers while you’re cleaning your car windows. In which case, you’ll also need some wiper treatment.

How to Clean Your Car Windows – On The Outside

Start with the front and rear windscreen. Apply your cleaner evenly across the surface. Depending on the type of cleaner you’ve chosen, you’ll either be spraying it from a bottle, or applying a diluted mixture from a bucket with a sponge. In any case, go for even coverage, then use the cloth to wipe it clean. To avoid smudges and streaks, first wipe the whole surface in an up and down motion, then the whole surface again from side to side.

If there are any particularly stubborn bits of dirt, just leave the cleaner on a little longer, then use a bit of elbow grease and your sponge to loosen it before wiping it away with your cloth.

Cleaning the side windows of your car is the same deal, but make sure you roll them down a little so as not to miss the very top. Take this opportunity to spray and wipe your side mirrors too.

When cleaning your car windows, it’s best to do it from the top down. This way, you’ll prevent dripping water from ruining your freshly cleaned surface, which will lessen the amount of work you have to do.

How to Clean Your Car Windows – On The Inside

As we said above, you might need to buy a separate glass cleaner for the inside of your car. Don’t just spray it on the glass, as you may end up spraying your dashboard or the rest of your interior, which will just create more work for you. So instead, spray a bit of water directly onto your cloth and then wipe the windows. Again, make sure you cover the full surface, and again, wipe first up and down and then from side to side.

Stay on Top of Things!

The more regularly you clean your car windows, the less work you’ll have to do, and the safer you’ll be.

This is one of those things you need to stay on top of if you want to drive with total peace of mind. In fact, in its own way, keeping your car windows clean is just as important a part of road safety as ensuring you’re fully covered for all eventualities with comprehensive car insurance!


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