Parents and Young Drivers Get Clear with a Safe Driving Agreement

Go Girl insurance have found out that some parents are setting up a safe driving agreement with their teenage children when they start learning how to drive.  The agreement is a promise made by a new driver to their parent or guardian that they won’t do anything irresponsible on the road. Think of it as a parent/teen driving contract.

The first year following a successful driving test will be the most dangerous in any driver’s life. Accidents are rare during driving lessons, but that’s mostly because the learners are invariably under strict supervision.

But once the lessons are over, and the new driver is free to drive unsupervised, there’s a lot still to learn about driving alone. Driving while inexperienced and with too much (or too little) confidence can be a recipe for disaster. Add peer pressure to the mix and it can feel like every journey is just an accident waiting to happen.

Safe Driving Agreements Exist Because Young Drivers Are More Likely To Have an Accident

Young drivers are significantly more likely to be involved in a collision than older, more experienced drivers which makes them more likely to make an insurance claim.

For parents of new drivers, the days, weeks and months following that last driving test can be nerve-wracking. And it’s for this reason that more and more parents and guardians are starting to present their young drivers with safe driving agreements.

A Safe Driving Agreement is a Parent/Teen Driving Contract

A safe driving agreement is a contract – either verbal or written – that the young driver will abide by certain conditions for their first year of driving. In exchange, they might be given access to the family car. Alternatively, they might be provided with all the financial help they need to drive their own car.

Here are the sort of conditions you might set in a safe driving agreement:

  • Never drive between the hours of midnight and 6.00am
  • Never carry more than one passenger at once in the car – some parents gradually increase the amount of passengers allowed as the months progress and experience is gained
  • Never, ever, ever drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Only ever use your phone while parked
  • Keep distractions to a minimum – does your music have to be that loud?
  • Always wear your seatbelt, and ensure your passengers wear theirs too

But like all contracts, safe driving agreements are two-way-streets. While the new driver is required to agree to certain terms, so too is the parent or guardian.

Mostly, the parent or guardian will simply agree to set a good example – they too will always wear their seatbelt, for instance. But they can also agree to more parent-specific things, such as agreeing to accept calls at any hour, and to pay for taxis if the young driver is stranded.

Most important of all, the parent must agree to keep their cool when travelling with their young driver. Mistakes are part of the learning experience, and a panicking parent in the car might do more harm than good.

We’ve prepared an example safe driving agreement Parent Young Driver Agreement.

Once you’ve downloaded the agreement, read through it with your young driver or parents and make any changes you see fit. Once you’ve agreed on the terms you can both sign the agreement. This is perfect for new drivers or if you’re getting close to your driving test so you all know where you stand. Now you’re thinking about getting everything in order, take a look at our Insurance for new drivers too with advice on how you can drive down the cost of your insurance.


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