Are You Insured to Drive in a Red Weather Warning?

Yes. You are insured to drive during a red weather warning. You’re also insured to drive during an amber and yellow weather warning. Driving during extreme weather conditions will not invalidate your car insurance.

If you’re involved in an accident while driving in extreme weather, you’ll still be covered, and you’ll still be able to make a claim.

However, this does not mean that it’s a good idea to drive in a weather warning. After all, weather warnings are there for a reason.

What is a Weather Warning?

The UK Met Office issues weather warnings up to seven days in advance of incoming issues. There are three levels of weather warning. In order of severity, it goes yellow, amber, and red.

Yellow Weather Warnings

This is the broadest category of weather warning, and the Met Office issues yellow warnings for a range of situations. The risk of danger is minimal. But if you hear of a yellow weather warning, it’s best to read the specifics to determine how it might affect you.

Amber Weather Warnings

If weather conditions are likely to affect travel, or if there’s a risk of power cuts, the Met Office will issue an amber weather warning. Sometimes there’s a risk to life and property when it comes to amber warnings. So again, it’s important to learn more, to determine how the severe weather might affect you.

Red Weather Warnings

The most urgent level of weather warning. This means that the Met Office expects dangerous weather conditions. There’s a high risk to life, property and infrastructure, and there’ll likely be substantial disruption to travel and power supplies. They advise that you take action to keep yourself and others safe.

So Can I Drive During a Red Weather Warning?

You can, and it won’t affect your insurance. But driving during a red weather warning can be highly dangerous. So unless your area’s in immediate danger, or unless you really need to be somewhere, you should avoid driving if at all possible during a red weather warning.

Safe Driving During Weather Warnings

A red weather warning could mean:

  • Heavy rains, which could result in flash floods and fast flowing water
  • Blizzards and low temperatures, which can result in low visibility and slippery road surfaces
  • High winds, which could result in deadly debris in the air and on the road

We have a range of guides to safe driving in poor weather conditions:

Remember – It’s Almost Always Safer to Stay at Home

The good news is that your insurance will cover you whatever the weather. But pay attention to weather warnings. And if the guidance says that you should avoid travel, then you should avoid travel!

But while extreme weather won’t invalidate your car insurance, negligent behaviour will. Your insurer won’t reject a claim if you drive during a red weather warning. But they might reject a claim if you fail to take adequate precautions. For example, if you fail to remove snow from your roof or your windscreen.

For more information, please check your policy wording.


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