What Is Lane Assist and How Does It Work?

Many modern cars come with lane assist technology, sometimes referred to as lane-keeping assist.

Some drivers find lane assist useful, but others prefer not to use it.

In this post we’ll explore what lane assist is, how it works, and how to turn it off if it’s not for you.

What Is Lane Assist?

Some road accidents are caused by tired or distracted drivers drifting out of their lane. Lane assist is designed to stop this from happening.

If the lane assist system detects that you’re unintentionally leaving your lane, it will either display or sound a warning, or actively steer you back on track.

How Does Lane Assist Work?

Lane assist systems use a camera to monitor your car’s position on the road. In most cars, this camera’s mounted towards the top of your windscreen.

If the system detects that you’re veering out of your lane, depending on your car, it might sound an alert, display a warning light, vibrate the steering wheel, or a combination of the three.

Some cars feature active lane assist. Rather than simply warning you that you’re going off course, this system will instead temporarily take control of your car, using either the steering wheel or your brakes to set you right.

Lane assist systems work best on motorways, where the lanes are long, wide, and straight. Some systems may not work at all at speeds below 45mph. Cars will vary so make sure you familiarise yourself with what your car will do.

Lane assist systems sometimes work in tandem with cruise control systems. Head here to read our full guide to cruise control, and how to use it.

What Are The Benefits of Lane Assist

The main benefit of lane assist is to help stop people drifting out of their lanes and reduce accidents, just how many accidents might be prevented by lane assist technology is unknown at the moment.

However, not everybody likes using lane assist.

Why Do Some People Dislike Using Lane Assist?

For some drivers it can be disconcerting when your car takes over. Imagine you’re happily driving on the motorway, unaware that you’re drifting a little. If your lane assist automatically corrects your course, you may feel like you’re losing control. You might mistake this safety feature for a worn tyre, a strong gust of wind, or even an issue with your brakes or steering wheel.

Others might dislike lane assist and feel that they are impractical and unreliable. As lane assist systems use cameras to work, they might not always work properly in certain weather conditions, or if there’s anything obscuring the camera lens.

Also, if there’s any snow, mud or debris on the road, the camera may not be able to accurately monitor the lanes.

Can I Turn Lane Assist Off?

Yes, but the way you turn off lane assist will depend on the make and model of the car you’re driving. Check your car manual for more details, but turning off lane assist usually involves pressing a button on the steering wheel or dashboard, or by changing the safety settings on your car’s interface display.

Stay Safe on the Roads

Lane assist is just one of the advanced systems modern cars use to help keep you safe on the roads. But safe and sensible driving remains the best safeguard against road accidents.

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