How to Hand Wash My Car Without a Hose

How do you wash a car without a hose? It’s easier than you think.

You’ll need to get certain equipment before you begin. Many places sell specialist car washing kits containing everything you might need in one package.

Also, it’s best to wash your car on a cloudy day, as direct sunlight might interfere with some of the cleaning products you use, or create water marks and spots.

How To Hand Wash a Car – Step-by-Step

We’ve already written a guide to jet washing a car. But in this post, we’re focusing on how to wash a car without a hose.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two buckets
  • Microfibre cloths (a sponge will do, but they can create swirl marks that are hard to remove)
  • A brush for the wheels
  • A towel
  • Cleaning products, including car shampoo and something for the wheels and tyres

And here’s how to do it:

  1. Fill your buckets with water and pour it over your car. Do this until you’ve given your whole car a good pre-rinse. This will help loosen any dirt.
  2. Read the instructions on the car shampoo for how to create a suitable mix. Fill one bucket with this mix and the other with fresh water, for rinsing. You might have to change this water a few times through the wash.
  3. When your shampoo mix is nice and foamy, use a microfibre cloth to apply it thoroughly and systematically to your car, until you’ve covered all surfaces. Clean from top to bottom, as the mix will run down, making life a little easier for you.
  4. Next, clean the wheels. You can read our full guide to cleaning your wheels here.
  5. Once you’ve cleaned everywhere, it’s time to rinse. You can do this by simply pouring buckets of water over your car until all the suds are clear.

Drying Your Car

You can let your car dry naturally, but this might lead to streaks, water marks and spots – especially if your car dries in direct sunlight.

So for better results, use a clean, highly-absorbent towel to dry your car by hand. A domestic towel might be too rough, so buy a specialist car drying towel instead. Once again, work from the top down, or water will continue to flow into the areas you’re drying.

Open your doors while you’re drying your car, to allow any trapped water to drip down.

Should I Go To A Car Wash?

If you don’t have the time, the energy, or the equipment to wash your car, you could go to a car wash instead.

Some car washes offer automatic drive-through services. You sit in your car while it moves through a series of cleaning processes. But there are also manual car washes, where a team of people will clean your car by hand.

There are some clear benefits to using these services. They’re quick and easy, and they may do a much more thorough job than you might manage yourself. Some hand car washes, for example, might offer to clean the inside of your car too. You could also get some specialist “touching” services, including waxing and tyre dressing, to give your car that gleaming showroom look.

But there are downsides to these services too. Both automatic and manual car washes might be a bit too rough on your car. They might damage your car’s finish, or leave spots or marks afterwards. Also, a car cleaning kit will always cost much less than any car wash you visit. It’d be very frustrating if you paid a lot of money for a car wash, only for it to rain the very next day.

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Remember that ongoing servicing and maintenance is an essential part of road safety, and this includes regularly cleaning your car. Keeping on top of these things will help you ensure that you can always depend on your car to be at its best.


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