How to Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

Let’s look at some effective ways to remove dog hair from your car.

How to Stop Dog Hair Building Up In Your Car

Get your dog a special blanket, just for car journeys. This will limit the amount of dog hair that gets into your car’s upholstery, and you can easily wash the blanket between journeys.

It also helps to get into the habit of vacuuming your car as often as possible. Dog hair only really becomes a problem when it builds up and gets embedded in your car’s seats and carpets. But if you regularly clean your car, and do the occasional deeper clean, then you should be able to stay on top of your dog hair problem.

You can also try brushing your dog before journeys. This might be a bit time consuming, but it could remove any loose bits of fur, which will mean less hair to clean in your car later on.

Get a Specialist Vacuum Cleaner For Dog Hair in Cars

Prevention is better than a cure. Commit to regularly vacuuming your car and you’ll prevent that dog hair from piling up. But the specific type of vacuum you use can make a huge difference here. So consider getting a specialist pet vacuum.

They have rolling brushes that’ll pick up dog hair from your upholstery, and they’re usually handheld, making it easy to get into your car’s various nooks and crannies.

Some pet vacuums have interchangeable heads, meaning you’ll be able to use them throughout your whole house. So it can become your “main” vacuum cleaner, which might help justify the expense.

How to Remove Dog Hair with a Rubber Glove

A simple rubber kitchen glove can work wonders in removing stubborn dog hair from upholstery. Look for a glove with rough surfaces on the palms and fingers. Nothing too thin or flimsy, or it could tear while you’re using it. Then it’s simply a case of putting the glove on and running your hand across your car seats and carpets.

Go for smooth flows in one direction and the hair should start accumulating on your fingers. If you miss a bit of hair on your first sweep, you should catch it on your second sweep. Just don’t be tempted to rub backwards and forwards, as this’ll get hair everywhere!

A rubber squeegee can also be effective at removing dog hair from cars. You might be able to get some results from the same squeegee you use on your car windows. But this might be a bit too big to reach certain corners of your car. So instead, buy a dedicated smaller squeegee, such as the specialist Pet Hair Magnet available on Amazon and other websites. Again, for best results go for smooth flows in a single direction.

If you’re looking for more cleaning hacks to remove dog hair from your car, you could also experiment with hair rollers, pumice stones, and even balloons!

How to Remove Stubborn Clumps of Dog Hair From Your Car

These various cleaning hacks are great for loose fur. But what about those thick, stubborn clumps of dog hair? For this, you need something adhesive. Start with a lint roller, and remember that you might need to make several runs to pick up all the hair.

The stronger the adhesive, the better results you’ll get. Duct tape is very effective, but it can leave an unpleasant sticky residue on your seats. So for a happy medium, try masking tape or packing tape. It’s stronger than a lint roller, but less sticky than duct tape.

Other Tips for Driving With Dogs

Do you know the law about restraining dogs in cars? Our guide to dog car law should answer all of your questions, helping you make your journeys as safe and as comfortable as possible for you, your dog, and other motorists.

Also, some cars are better for dogs than others. So read our guide to the best cars for dogs, to help you choose a model that’ll meet your needs and theirs.

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