Gift Ideas for Passing Driving Test

If someone you know has just passed their driving test, you might want to offer them more than a hearty congratulations. So in this post we’ll explore some gift ideas for someone who’s just qualified as a new driver.

8 Great ‘Just Passed’ Driving Test Gifts Ideas

  • A passed driving test card. Get a personalised card to tell them how proud you are. It’s the thought that counts. But even better, you could put £5 or £10 in the card with instructions that they must spend the money on a drive-thru meal. The first drive-thru is an essential rite of passage for many young drivers, and it could be your treat! Or they could put that money towards fuel.
  • A car cleaning kit. Many places sell car care and car maintenance kits, full of things drivers might need, but few think to buy. Halfords have a few car care kits to choose from.
  • Something techy. Whether it’s an auxiliary lead for the in-car entertainment, or a mount for a smartphone, your gift could be the sort of practical bit of kit that helps make driving a bit more enjoyable.
  • An air freshener. A single air freshener might be a bit underwhelming as a gift. But some places stock car air freshener selection packs, which make for more substantial gifts.
  • Some fluffy dice. It’s a bit of a cliché, but even if they never actually hang the fluffy dice in their car, this one’s bound to raise a smile.
  • A keyring. Get them something meaningful they can attach to their car keys, whether that’s a personalised keyring with their name or a photo, or something relating to their favourite film, band, or TV show or even the family.
  • A bumper sticker. This could be something cool, something humorous, or even something practical – like the green P-plates that let other drivers know you’re new to the road.
  • A bottle of prosecco. Because nothing says “congratulations” like sparkling wine! Just make sure they don’t drive after enjoying a glass or two

Give The Gift of Advanced Driving Lessons

Once they’ve passed their test, the last thing on a new driver’s mind will be taking further driving lessons. But advanced driving lessons can help new drivers experience various driving conditions they won’t have experienced while learning to drive.

This can help them to quickly build up their confidence behind the wheel, helping them to become a more careful and conscientious driver.

The government offers a practical six hour Pass Plus scheme to help new drivers improve their skills in the year after passing their test. Head here to learn more, and to book a Pass Plus course.

Give The Gift of Car Insurance Cover!

Obviously this will be out of most people’s budgets. But if you’re a parent looking for a gift for your child who’s just passed their driving test, why not offer to pay for their first year of car insurance cover?

Car insurance can be very expensive for young drivers. So any help you can give them is bound to be appreciated.

Even better, if you help them pay for that first year of cover, they can spend the year building up their no claims discount. This way, once it’s time for them to start paying for their own cover, they’ll be able to do so while making some significant savings.

We specialise in affordable cover for young drivers, with the option to protect a no claims discount after just one year of careful driving. Get in touch to get a quote for young person car insurance and buy online in minutes.


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