Driving Test Revision: Show Me, Tell Me Questions

Are you ready for your driving test? It’s important to prepare for every aspect of your test, so don’t forget those all-important Show Me, Tell Me questions!

During your test, your examiner will ask you two “Show Me, Tell Me” questions. Essentially, you’ll be asked to explain (tell me) or demonstrate how you’d carry out a common car safety task (show me).

Get one of these questions wrong, or even both of them, and you won’t automatically fail your test. However, you’ll get one minor fault. And if you rack up more than 16 minor faults on your test, it’ll count as a fail. You don’t want to fail your driving test. So to maximise your chances of passing, it’s time to polish up your car safety knowledge ready for those Show Me, Tell Me questions.

Show Me, Tell Me Questions – What Will They Ask Me, and When?

You’ll be asked two questions in total. They can be both at the beginning of your test, both at the end or even one “Tell Me” question at the start of the driving test and the “Show Me” question at some point during the test, while you’re driving. It completely depends on the day.

There are 14 possible Tell Me questions and 7 possible Show Me questions. The DVSA has handily made all of these questions available in advance. So you could theoretically memorise the lot of them, questions and answers, and then there’ll be no surprises on the day.

But one thing to bear in mind – all cars are different. It’s one thing to memorise the answers to these things. It’s another thing entirely to apply the answers to your car. And as for those Show Me questions, they’re pretty simple, but remember that you might be asked them while driving. So the main thing there is to keep your cool.

Common Tell Me Questions

The DVSA has put this short video together that outlines all 14 possible Tell Me questions you might get asked at the start of your driving test, complete with answers.

A few examples of Tell Me Questions:

  • How Would You Check the Brakes are Working Before You Start a Journey?
    Your brakes should not feel “spongy and slack”. You need to test them as you set off, and in doing so, your car should not pull to one side.


  • Where Can You Find the Information for the Recommended Tyre Pressures for Your Car? How Can You Test Your Tyre Pressure?
    This information will be in your manufacturer’s guide, which you should of course keep in your car at all times. You can test your tyre pressure with a reliable pressure gauge.


  • How Would You Ensure Your Head Restraint is Correctly Adjusted?
    Your head rest needs to be at the right height if it’s to offer full protection in the event of a crash. You’ll need to adjust it so that the rigid part is at least as high as your eye, or the top of your ears, and as close to the back of your head as it comfortable. If your headrests are not adjustable, don’t worry. You won’t be penalised for this.


  • How Would You Check Your Headlights and Taillights are Working?
    Just explain how you’d operate the switch, and how you’d then walk around the vehicle to check. But as this is a “Tell Me” question, you wouldn’t actually have to leave the car at this point – just explain that you’d do so if you really wanted to check.


  • How Would You Check the Brake Lights are Working?
    Again, because these are “Tell Me” questions, there’s no need to actually get out your car. You’d just have to explain that you’d operate the brake pedal, and either look for reflections in windows or doors, or else ask someone else to check for you.

Certain Tell Me questions would require you to open your bonnet. You might be asked to tell your instructor how you’d check for oil levels (by using a dipstick or oil level indicator), for coolant levels (by checking the level markings on your header tank), or for brake fluid levels (just check the reservoir).

The Show Me Questions

This short DVSA video outlines the seven possible Show Me questions you may be asked during your driving test. Remember that you actually have to do it and might even be asked these while driving, so the important thing is to stay calm.

Here’s the seven Show Me questions. How you actually do each of these will vary in from car to car, so make sure you know how to do all of these before your test:

  • How to Wash and Clean the Rear Windscreen
  • How to Wash and Clean the Front Windscreen
  • How to Switch on the Dipped Headlights
  • How to Set the Rear Demister
  • How to Operate the Horn
  • How to Demist the Front Windscreen
  • How to Open and Close the Side Window

Easy, hey?

Show Me, Tell Me Questions – You’ve Got This!

You might think that the Show Me, Tell Me questions are the easiest part of your driving test. But you don’t want to be caught unawares, so it’s still important to prepare.

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