Can You Fail a Speed Awareness Course?

If you speed on UK roads, you could get a fine, and points on your licence. This will likely push up the cost of your car insurance.

But in some cases, you might be able to avoid the points and the fine if you agree to attend a speed awareness course.

Who is Eligible for a Speed Awareness Course?

You might be eligible for a speed awareness course if:

  • This is your first motoring offence (i.e., you haven’t attended any other speed awareness courses within the past three years).
  • Your speeding offence was a relatively minor one (e.g., 24 mph in a 20 mph zone, 80 mph on a motorway).
  • You haven’t committed any other offences at the same time as the current speeding offence.

If you’re eligible for a speed awareness course, the police will send you a letter outlining your options. This letter will also let you know how to book your course.

How Much Does a Speed Awareness Course Cost

The first thing you should know is that speed awareness courses aren’t free. You might have to pay up to £100 to attend. But if you choose not to attend, you’ll still have to pay your fine, and you might get points on your licence.

Points on your licence could result in higher car insurance premiums, so you’ll save a lot of money in the long-term if you choose the course over the fine.

How Long Does a Speed Awareness Course Take?

The course itself lasts around five hours, and you’ll attend it with up to 25 other drivers. Most speed awareness courses take place as workshops in classrooms, but some may involve a little bit of practical training behind the wheel.

Here’s what to expect from the workshop:

  • Review the Highway Code’s rules on speeding and stopping distances.
  • Consider the possible consequences of speeding.
  • Think about what made you speed in the first place.
  • Practical hints and tips on understanding different speed limits while avoiding common road hazards.
  • An introduction to defensive driving measures.

So the course aims to help you fully understand the dangers of speeding, while helping you to avoid speeding in the future.

Can You Fail a Speed Awareness Course?

A speed awareness course does not contain any tests, so technically you cannot fail a course. However, the workshop leaders will expect you to engage and to take part in discussions. After the course, they’ll call the police to let them know that you’ve fulfilled your commitment.

If you’re distracted, disruptive, or otherwise rude or hostile, the workshop leaders are sure to let the police know. They might conclude that you’ve not learned your lesson, so you might have to pay your fine and take your points.

So if you do attend a speed awareness course, it’s in your best interests to take it seriously!

Does a Speed Awareness Course Affect Car Insurance?

A speed awareness course can help you avoid getting points on your licence for speeding. However you may have to notify your insurer if you take a speed awareness course and this could affect your premium.

Though taking the course demonstrates that you’re willing to learn from your mistakes, some insurers might consider your taking the course as proof that you’re likely to ignore the speed limit from time to time. As far as they’re concerned, this makes you a riskier driver, and they may raise the price of your insurance as a result.

Some insurers refuse to insurer drivers with any kind of convictions. But at Go Girl, we know that your past behaviour doesn’t necessarily predict your future behaviour. That’s why we offer specialist convicted and disqualified driver insurance policies. We can still give you the cover you need at a fair price. Get in touch to get a free quote in minutes.


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