How Much Are Driving Lessons & How Many Do I Need?

How much does it cost to learn to drive? In this post, we’ll explore the costs of everything for a learner driver, from driving lessons to learner insurance, to give you an idea of how much it might cost you to get your driving licence.

How Much Does a Provisional Licence Cost?

Before you can take any driving lessons, you’ll need a provisional licence. This costs £34 if you order it online, or £43 if you do it by post.

How Much Are Driving Lessons?

Most driving lessons last an hour, though some might last longer. On average, you should expect to pay around £30 an hour for driving lessons in 2021. It varies from place to place.

You might have to pay more if you want to learn in a busy inner-city environment like London or Birmingham, for example. Also, more experienced instructors may charge more than less experienced instructors. So it is worth looking around and try to get recommendations on driving instructors from people you know who have recently learned to drive.

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

According to the DVSA, the average learner needs 45 hours of driving lessons and a further 22 hours of private practice before they’re ready for their test. If you’ll only be taking lessons with no private practice, you’ll want to allow for more lessons than average.

So How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Drive?

Let’s add it up so far:

  • £34 for your provisional licence, so long as you order it online.
  • With 45 hours of driving lessons at £30 per hour – that’s £1,350

That’s a total cost of £1,384.

Finally, you’ll have to pay to book your theory test and practical test. The amount you pay depends on the vehicle you drive, and a few other factors. But for a standard car, you’ll pay:

  • £23 for your theory test
  • Up to £75 for your practical test

In total, everything we’ve looked at so far comes to £1,482.

Your figure might be a little more, or it might be a little less. But one thing should be obvious by now: It costs quite a lot to learn to drive!

Can I Get Cheaper Driving Lessons?

One way to save money on your driving lessons is to choose a cheaper driving instructor.

The problem is that you generally get what you pay for when it comes to driving instructors. An instructor might charge below the average rate if they’re less experienced. Yet a more experienced instructor might improve your chances of passing your test first time – which will save you lots of money in the long-term.

So it is absolutely worth paying a little more for an instructor who can get results. Head here to read our full guide to choosing a driving instructor. We also have a guide to making the most of your driving lessons.

Some instructors offer discounts if you book blocks of lessons. So do your research and ask around, and you may be able to save some money.

But don’t forget: No matter how much it costs you to learn to drive, you won’t have to pay the full amount in one go. Instead, you’ll spread the cost of your driving lessons over the course of many months. So the amount you ultimately pay to learn to drive might seem steep when you do the sums, but multiple smaller payments are always more manageable than a single lump sum payment.

Learning to Drive – One Further Expense to Bear in Mind

All drivers need car insurance, and learners are no exception.

Your driving instructor or driving school should take care of the insurance for your structured driving lessons. But remember we said that most learners need an average 22 hours’ private practice driving outside of lessons?

This private driving practice will help you build up your confidence behind the wheel, so they’re crucial if you want to pass your test first time. You’ll need a car to practice in, and someone to supervise you. Head here for our complete guide to private driving practice for learners.

You’ll have to sort out your own insurance for these sessions. At Go Girl, we specialise in giving learner drivers full cover for less. And once you get your full driving licence, you can simply upgrade your learner insurance to comprehensive new driver insurance cover.

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