Should I Buy a Diesel Car in 2021?

Diesel cars get a lot of bad press these days. The government seems keen to paint them as inefficient pollution machines. So they’re applying lots of extra taxes and charges for diesel drivers, and they’re even planning on banning them outright in the near future. But despite all this, diesel cars can still be cheaper … Read more

Why Do I Have a Tyre Repair Kit Instead of a Spare Wheel?

Historically, cars have included a spare wheel as standard. The idea is, if you get a puncture, you can exchange your punctured wheel on the roadside before driving to a garage for a proper replacement. But we’re increasingly seeing cars equipped with tyre repair kits instead of spare wheels. Are you wondering why your car … Read more

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

You should aim to service your car at least once a year. You can service it more frequently but an annual service is recommended and will ensure that everything’s working like it should. This will also mean that you can sort out potential issues long before they become serious problems. Servicing your car is an … Read more

Best Tax Free Cars for 2021

The tax rate for cars is likely to change at some point in 2021. But whatever changes the government makes, one thing will always be the case: The lower your car’s CO2 emissions, the less you’ll pay for car tax. In this post, we’ll take a look at the greenest and most reliable cars that … Read more

How to Jet Wash a Car

Jet washing your car can be fun and immensely satisfying. Do it right, and your car will be gleaming like it’s brand new. But do it wrong, and you could damage your glass and paintwork. In this post we’ll explain how to jet wash a car to get the best results with no risk of … Read more

How to Change Oil in Your Car

Your car needs oil to ensure that all the different parts of the engine can move smoothly without generating too much friction. So without sufficient oil levels, your car won’t run as effectively as it should. Indeed, it might not run at all. We have a detailed guide to checking your oil levels and topping … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust?

Faulty exhausts can damage the environment, and they can even cause harmful vapours to circulate your car’s cabin. So if there’s a problem with your exhaust, you need to sort it out as soon as possible. How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust in the UK? It depends on a few things, including … Read more

How Does Power Steering Work?

Power steering works so well that it’s easy to take it for granted. But have you ever wondered just how it works? Let’s take a look. How Does Power Steering Work? Power steering makes it easier for you to control your car through channelling power directly from the steering wheel to the wheels. If your … Read more

How to Demist Your Windscreen in Rain and Winter

There are many dangers to driving in winter, and a misted windscreen might be the most overlooked hazard of all. After all, things like ice, snow, wind and rain become much harder to handle when you can’t even see out of your windscreen in the first place! In this post, we’ll share the fastest and … Read more

What Can Cause Heavy Steering?

In your driving theory test, you might get this question: What can cause heavy steering? These are the sort of answers you might have to choose from: Driving on ice. Badly worn brakes. Overinflated tyres. Underinflated tyres. So what answer are they looking for? What can cause heavy steering? It’s d: Under-inflated tyres. If your … Read more