How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust?

Faulty exhausts can damage the environment, and they can even cause harmful vapours to circulate your car’s cabin. So if there’s a problem with your exhaust, you need to sort it out as soon as possible. How Much Does it Cost to Change an Exhaust in the UK? It depends on a few things, including … Read more

How Does Power Steering Work?

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How to Demist Your Windscreen in Rain and Winter

There are many dangers to driving in winter, and a misted windscreen might be the most overlooked hazard of all. After all, things like ice, snow, wind and rain become much harder to handle when you can’t even see out of your windscreen in the first place! In this post, we’ll share the fastest and … Read more

What Can Cause Heavy Steering?

In your driving theory test, you might get this question: What can cause heavy steering? These are the sort of answers you might have to choose from: Driving on ice. Badly worn brakes. Overinflated tyres. Underinflated tyres. So what answer are they looking for? What can cause heavy steering? It’s d: Under-inflated tyres. If your … Read more

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Black Smoke From Exhaust – What Different Colours Mean

A lot of the time, smoke from a car exhaust is nothing to worry about. It’s simply a by-product of burning fuel. Unless you drive an electric car, your car’s bound to produce a little smoke from time to time. But it’s almost never a good sign when excessive amounts of coloured smoke billows from … Read more

Why Do MOTs Include Exhaust Emission Tests?

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How to Clean Your Headlights: Cloudy and Dirty Lights

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