Windscreen Wipers Squeaking: Why and How To Stop Them

Squeaky windscreen wipers are annoying. But more importantly, if your windscreen wipers are squeaking, then it might mean that they’re not quite doing their job properly.

Why Are My Windscreen Wipers Squeaking?

If your windscreen wipers start squeaking, then it’s likely to be because there’s something on your wipers or windscreen. If it’s not resolved quickly, you could place excessive wear and tear on your wipers, making them more likely to need replacing.

So in this post we’ll discuss a few things you can try to stop your windscreen wipers from squeaking.

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Clean Your Windscreen

A build-up of dirt and grime on your windscreen can cause your wipers to squeak. So giving your car a thorough clean might fix the problem.

You can wash your car yourself, or you can take it to a specialist car cleaner. But when cleaning your windscreen, keep an eye out for small chips and cracks. If your windscreen is in any way damaged you may need to get it repaired or replaced.

Clean and Check Your Wiper Blades

The wiper blades are the strips of plastic or rubber that make contact with your windscreen. These can get worn over time, and as they wear out, they get less effective at cleaning your windscreen.

First give your wiper blades a good clean using a sponge or paper towels and warm soapy water. If they continue to squeak, this could be a sign that your wiper blades are on their last legs.

Check them for signs of damage or degradation, and be prepared to change them if need be. Here’s our guide to changing your windscreen wiper blades.

Check Your Windscreen Wash Levels

If your windscreen’s too dry, it might cause your windscreen wipers to squeak. Operating your car’s windscreen wash might fix the problem. To check your windscreen wash levels, open your car’s bonnet and look for a small cap with an icon showing a window with a spray of fluid. Simply lift this cap and pour in your windscreen wash to refill your levels. It’s best to use a funnel to do this, to avoid splashing.

If your windscreen wash levels are fine but you’re not getting any spray when you activate your wipers, then there might be a problem with your car’s washer pump or nozzles. Read our guide to what to do if your windscreen wash isn’t working.

Good Driving Starts With a Clean and Clear Windscreen

You have a legal obligation to keep your windscreen clean and free from obstructions at all times.

You’ll find many guides on our site to help you ensure you have as clear a view of the road ahead as possible:

As we mentioned above, if your windscreen is in any way damaged, you’ll need to get it repaired or replaced. We offer windscreen cover as part of our comprehensive car insurance policies.

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