Instagram? Insta-ban

New drivers now risk losing their licence if they use their phone behind the wheel. From March 1st 2017, any driver caught using their mobile behind the wheel will face an immediate £200 penalty and six points on their licence. This is extra tough on new drivers, because for the first two years after passing … Read more

Is It Worth Buying A Car For Uni? The Pros and Cons

You have just passed your driving test and soon you’ll be flying the nest and heading off to university, so naturally you’ll be wondering whether this is the right time to get your very own wheels. Let’s look at some pros and cons of having a car at uni, so you can head off on … Read more

Drinking Driving Limit: Rules and What About the Next Day?

Don’t drink and drive: Figures show that, in 2014, there was a total of 8,210 reported drink-driving casualties. This includes 6,900 slight injuries, 1,070 serious injuries, and 240 deaths. What Is the Legal Drink Driving Limit in the UK? The “legal limit” refers to the amount of alcohol that you may have in your system … Read more

Project Pictogram Revolutionises Road Safety

Go Girl backs Project Pictogram, the new driver awareness scheme which uses images to help educate road users around road safety whilst they are on the road. The new initiative is designed to raise awareness around road safety, but will also aims to educate and alter our driving behaviours to help reduce fatal and serious … Read more

Ready, steady, winter!

Winter is often a beautiful season, full of ice crystals, snowy days, Christmas trees and warm, mulled wine. However, it is also the time of year when there are more likely to be problems on the roads. Break downs and accidents in cold, dull, drizzly weather increase during the winter months and it’s vital to … Read more

Driving down the cost of insurance for young drivers

Passing your driving test, and perhaps getting to choose your first car, is an exciting time. However, it is also one that is fraught with hidden costs – potentially such as car insurance. Probably the biggest cost that young drivers face is their insurance policy so it’s important to choose wisely. Any chance there is … Read more

Car modifications and insurance premiums

From extra headlights, to alloy wheels, to tinted windows – making small modifications to your car can be fun and make it feel more personalised; especially to young car owners and students. After all, you’ve probably been imagining your dream car for years. But as fun as these changes can be, it’s also important to … Read more

New driver poses proudly with her new car
Owning your first car

Owning your first car is an exciting time. With a car comes freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to go shopping without heaving a load of plastic bags home on the bus. However, along with these privileges also comes a great deal of responsibility when you own a car. Make sure you know the do’s and … Read more

Autumn Driving Tips

The long days of summer are well and truly over. They’ve been replaced by cold mornings, scattered leaves and a sun that drops ever lower in the sky. But whilst autumn may be a beautiful season of frosty walks and blackberry crumbles, it can also be a hazardous season on the roads. By following these … Read more

Scam I am – Motoring scams to be aware of

So you’ve passed your test and you’ve got the use of a car! Brilliant. Everything is going as smoothly as it can. That’s great – but don’t let it mean that you switch off to what happens next. Unfortunately, more and more young drivers are falling victim to scams, simply through inexperience. Here are some … Read more